0Google Earthのロゴグーグルアース: 質の悪いオーバーレイを修正する方法

DIS&シャイで題;私は最近、いくつかのPROB&恥ずかしがりを持っていたシャイ&プレー、オーバー&シャイ大る。産む (GEN&シャイ、ER&シャイ、からated 米航空宇宙局 SRTM データ) で グーグルアース. Although the over­lay data I expor­ted was very detailed google earth was dis­play­ing a blurry mess which was imprac­tic­al for my inten­ded pur­pose. Search­ing around on the ‘net did­n’t reveal any­thing use­ful so as a last resort I tried switch­ing from “Dir­ect X” to “Open GL” mode (ツールの下で: オプション).

Upon restart of the applic­a­tion the qual­ity of my over­lay was as it should be. 成功CESS! I am still unsure why Dir­ectX mode appears to be faulty, my only guess is that it is because I am using Win­dows 7 which includes Dir­ect X 11.

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