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01080p पर एक उच्च अंत GPU के लिए इष्टतम लव और पागल-vr सेटिंग्स

I have spent a lot of time exper­i­ment­ing with mad-vr and lav try­ing to find the optim­al set­tings for my GTX 1050Ti which out­puts to a 1080p pro­ject­or. Set­tings for high­er res­ol­u­tion dis­plays will be very dif­fer­ent, but as 4k pro­ject­ors are cur­rently so expens­ive, for a truly “home cinema” exper­i­ence 1080p is the lim­it for most people.
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0क्यूटी लाइट को अपडेट करना & वैकल्पिक विकल्प

I’ve long been a user of Quick­Time Altern­at­ive, as a much light­er altern­at­ive to the full Apple Quick­Time. Sadly QT Altern­at­ive (and its cous­in QT Lite) has­n’t been updated in over a year, whilst Quick­Time has received sev­er­al secur­ity and bug fixes. Updat­ing QT Lite is a straight­for­ward pro­cess which I will detail below. I have also built an updated installer which is avail­able on the [int­link id=“741” type=“page”]डाउनलोड पेज[/intlink].  This installer is based on Apple Quick­Time 7.7.3 (28-दिसंबर -2018)

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0कोडेक्सविंडोज के लिए पूरी कोडेक सेटअप गाइड 7/8

जीत Dows 8 is fin­ished and will soon be avail­able for retail sale. With that in mind it seemed a good time to write an updated guide to get­ting codecs set up for a fully oper­a­tion­al HTPC for both Win­dows 7 तथा 8. For this guide I’m using a new fea­ture of HTML5 which cre­ates expand­able instruc­tions. At the time of writ­ing this is only sup­por­ted by chrome and safari 6 but hope­fully oth­er browsers will add sup­port in the near future.

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0मीडिया प्लेयर शास्त्रीय - होम सिनेमा लोगोDecoding Interlaced VC‑1 with DXVA

कुछ दिनों पहले देखें सायन 1.6 मीडिया प्लेयर क्लासिक की - होम सिनेमा जारी किया गया था। हालांकि मैं का उपयोग नहीं करते एमपीसी-HC, मैं विज्ञप्ति पर नज़र रखने के रूप में यह एक उपयोगी बैक अप जब किसी फ़ाइल अभ्यस्त खेलने हो सकता है। यह काफी समय हो गया जब पिछले आधिकारिक रिलीज तो मैं के एक त्वरित स्कैन किया था चैंज और एक बात तुरंत मुझ पर कूद: “VC‑1 DXVA Decoder now decodes VC‑1 inter­laced mater­i­al”. Until now there has been no open source x64 codec that will decode inter­laced VC‑1. Finally hav­ing this avail­able com­pletes cov­er­age for all the media files I have ever tried to play. Hope­fully this will also get added to ffd­show try­outs and LAV Video in the near future.

0हाली मट्रोस्का लोगोहाली मीडिया अलगानेवाला: आधिकारिक साइट नीचे

HTPC related sites and resources seem to be drop­ping like flies at the moment. First[int­link id=“1918” type=“post”]मीडिया केंद्र स्टूडियो disappeared[/intlink], फिर [int­link id=“2141” type=“post”] developed problems[/intlink], and now the offi­cial site for Haali Media Split­ter is down. For­tu­nately the media split­ter can still be down­loaded from lots of oth­er sites, and we will keep a mir­ror here in case oth­er sites drop it. There are also altern­at­ives, includ­ing the एमपीसी-HC stan­dalone codecs and LAV. Links to these are avail­able on our[int­link id=“741” type=“page”]डाउनलोड[/intlink] page. Lets hope that this is the last in the recent series of HTPC related losses.

2FFmpeg लोगोFFDShow DXVA एच .264 भ्रष्टाचार हल

I have recently been suf­fer­ing cor­rup­tion play­ing back some H.264 files with FFD­Show try­outs. After a bit of exper­i­ment­ing I’ve found that the last build without this issue is build 3949 from 24वें-July. I pre­vi­ously had issues with earli­er releases of FFD­Show that[int­link id=“1414” type=“post”]साथ didn 'टी काम DXVA[/intlink] सब पर - सौभाग्य का निर्माण 3949 does­n’t suf­fer this issue. I also[int­link id=“919” type=“post”]previously had a problem[/intlink] कुछ FFDShow के बनाता है, जहां पर कम कुशल थे मेरे HTPC और सुचारू रूप से कुछ उच्च बिटरेट फिल्मों को डिकोड करने में असमर्थ थे, उदा.. लज्जाजनक Basterds ब्लू-रे का एक चीर, which has forced me to con­tin­ue to use an old build from mid-2010 until now. Build 3949 does­n’t suf­fer from these issues either — so in terms of the 3 समस्याओं मैं ffdshow के साथ वर्षों से लिया है, निर्माण 3949 does­n’t suf­fer from any of them, निकट भविष्य के लिए यह मेरी पसंद का गठन कर रही है.

0FFmpeg लोगोffdshow DXVA तय

DXVA ffdshow में, कौन था [int­link id=“937” type=“post”]पिछले कुछ बनाता है के लिए टूट[/intlink], तय किया गया है प्रकट होता है, कम से कम 3878 x 64 से निर्माण 11वें जून.

0FFmpeg लोगोffdshow की हाल ही में रिलीज के साथ DXVA समस्या

The most recent releases of the ffd­show try­outs seem to have broken DXVA sup­port. Until the prob­lem gets fixed I recom­mend stick­ing to your cur­rent release, या करने के लिए वापस जा रहा ffdshow_rev3785_20110323_clsid_x64 या ffdshow_rev3721_20110107_clsid_icl10

0FFmpeg लोगोUnsolved: Decoding interlaced vc1 in Media Center x64

Whilst my MediaPC setup can decode just about everything thrown at it, I have had prob­lems decod­ing inter­laced VC1 con­tent. The prob­lem is caused by the fail­ure of ffm­peg to sup­port inter­laced vc1. Whilst there are oth­er codecs (उदा.. cyber­link or arc­soft) these are cur­rently not avail­able as x64. Cyber­link do have an x64 codec for h.264 and mpeg2, but I haven’t been able to get it to work with VC1 con­tent. Hope­fully ffm­peg will fix inter­laced vc1 sup­port soon, but as its been on the to do list for over 2 years I’m not hold­ing my breath

0FFmpeg लोगोLAV — A new splitter

A new dir­ect­show split­ter has become avail­able. If you’re not happy with the offer­ings from Haali and Gabest then you might like to try कमI haven’t tried it myself yet, so I can­’t cur­rently offer any more inform­a­tion. It does men­tion split­ting wtv files though, so I will be try­ing it in the near future.
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