正如我在这个博客上记录好,我跑我的一切 电视 通过服务器和Windows媒体中心. 偶尔我要存档记录的一些 电视 to DVD. 不 DVD 的数据文件, 但符合标准的视频 DVD 将在机顶盒播放器上播放. 这并不总是直线前进的正确 DVD光盘 必须符合各种标准, 包括在MPEG2中被编码,并具有一个PAL或NTSC分辨率 (480p或576P). 大部分我所录制的内容是1080,我也有一些720P, 而且大部分采用H.264编码. 因此转向这些文件转换成标准 DVD video means both recoding and resizing the videos.

In the past I have used the excellent (免费) DVD-Flick for authoring video clips to standard DVD. This easy to use software is great for quickly and easily making proper DVD光盘 with menu structures etc. 然而, when it comes to transcoding and resizing DVD-Flick is incredibly slow. I also found that occasionally authoring these types of shows with DVD-Flick can result in some audio/video sync issues, 与 DVD-Flick no longer being actively developed these issues are unlikely to be fixed.

After extensive research I settled on a program called AVStoDVD, another free program which is being actively developed. This isn’t quite as streamlined and simple to use as DVD-Flick but its not too far off. Whilst it utilises lots of other third party tools to work, this is all done automatically behind the scenes. Simply dragging the required files into a list, editing theirtitlesand then using the wizard to generate a menu took under a minute. You have the option to create standard single layer 4.5Gb DVD光盘 or dual-layer 9Gb DVD光盘. I’ve tested both successfully and found that even on my rather aging Core2Duo PC I could carry out the whole process, including burning to disk, in a little bit under the playback time. 所以 – 例如, archiving 3 episodes of a 电视 系列,它们分别 1 小时之久花了约 2 小时 40 分钟. I was also impressed that I could fit 3 hours of content onto a single-layer standard DVD at quite impressive quality. Last but not least, 我很高兴地看到,我可以选择的音频流, and choose to have AC3 and DTS streams automatically passed through unmodified (AC3和DTS是 DVD-compliant).

If you need to archive video content to compliant DVD的, especially HD content or content encoded in newer MPEG-4 格式, I highly recommend giving AVStoDVD a try.

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