正如我记录以及在这个博客,我跑我的全部 电视 through a serv­er and Win­dows Media Cen­ter. 有时我想一些存档记录 电视 to DVD. 不 DVD 的数据文件, but a stand­ards-com­pli­ant video DVD 将在机顶盒播放器上播放. This isn’t always straight for­ward as prop­er DVD光盘 必须符合各种标准, 包括被编码在MPEG2和具有PAL或NTSC分辨率 (480p或576P). 大部分我所记录的是1080,我也有一些720P, 而且大部分采用H.264编码. 所以转向这些文件转换成标准 DVD 视频意味着双方重新编码和调整视频.

In the past I have used the excel­lent (and free) DVD-Flick for author­ing video clips to stand­ard DVDThis easy to use soft­ware is great for quickly and eas­ily mak­ing prop­er DVD光盘 with menu struc­tures etc. How­ever, when it comes to transcod­ing and res­iz­ing DVD-Flick is incred­ibly slow. I also found that occa­sion­ally author­ing these types of shows with DVD-Flick can res­ult in some audio/video sync issues, and with DVD-Flick no longer being act­ively developed these issues are unlikely to be fixed.

After extens­ive research I settled on a pro­gram called AVStoDVD, anoth­er free pro­gram which is being act­ively developed. This isn’t quite as stream­lined and simple to use as DVD-Flick but its not too far off. Whilst it util­ises lots of oth­er third party tools to work, this is all done auto­mat­ic­ally behind the scenes. Simply drag­ging the required files into a list, edit­ing their “titles” and then using the wiz­ard to gen­er­ate a menu took under a minute. You have the option to cre­ate stand­ard single lay­er 4.5Gb DVD光盘 or dual-lay­er 9Gb DVD光盘I’ve tested both suc­cess­fully and found that even on my rather aging Core2Duo PC I could carry out the whole pro­cess, includ­ing burn­ing to disk, in a little bit under the play­back time. So — for example, archiv­ing 3 epis­odes of a 电视 series which are each 1 hour long took about 2 hours and 40 minutes. I was also impressed that I could fit 3 hours of con­tent onto a single-lay­er stand­ard DVD at quite impress­ive qual­ity. Last but not least, I was very pleased to see that I could select audio streams, and choose to have AC3 and DTS streams auto­mat­ic­ally passed through unmod­i­fied (AC3 and DTS are DVD-com­pli­ant).

If you need to archive video con­tent to com­pli­ant DVD的, espe­cially HD con­tent or con­tent encoded in new­er MPEG-4 formats, I highly recom­mend giv­ing AVStoD­VD a try.

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