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Praticamente la prima cosa che faccio quando ho un nuovo telefono cellulare è radice essa. First and foremost this allows me to install and enable adfreewhich is getting increasingly essential on android. On previous phones this was often tricky, altho in the last couple of years it has steadily got easier. This time it was the turn of my new Samsung Galaxy S3. Below I will summarise the steps in my own way, ma ho avuto uno sguardo a diverse guide sulla rete e il migliore che ho trovato era in AndroidAuthority.

  1. Accertarsi che i driver del telefono sono installati. You can do this by installing Samsung Kies, o è possibile ottenere i driver da soli da xda-developers.
  2. I recommend installing Scegliereas you may as well update to the latest release at the same time. Kies possono richiedere molto tempo per l'installazione, and seemed to me to go into ahotfixloop, but I was patient enough for it to complete successfully
  3. Premere e tenere premuto il vol, home and power buttons, per ca. 20 secondo, until the phone enters download mode, with text which starts “avvertimento”. Premere il vol per continuare.
  4. Download the latest cf-auto-root per la S3 da Chainfire (aggiornamento 11-Dec-2012: cf-auto-root ha sostituito cf-root). Get the correct version for your phone
  5. Download odin3 3.04 da xda-developers.
  6. Connect the phone cable to the PC and run odin. You should get a yellow box
  7. Clicca su PDA and point to the downloaded chainfire filein TAR format (se la sua ancora una zip avrete bisogno di estrarre il TAR dall'interno della zip)
  8. Fare clic su Start
  9. The process should take about a minute

Once you’re up and running take a look at my list of recommended android apps which is updated every 6 mesi o giù di lì. See the related posts section below for the latest version.

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Ciao. Molto interessante lettura, thank you 🙂 Would the same process work for a HTC One X?

Would you be able to produce an equally as easy to follow guide so I can understand how to jailbreak a iPhone 4s to decide which operating system would suit me best?

gravatarJon Scaife


The same process wouldn’t work for the HTC, but their will be an equivalent. I don’t know anyone with the One X so I haven’t had chance to write a guide yet but if I encounter one I will update accordingly.

I don’t buy Apple products so I’ve never had a reason to jailbreak one so I can’t currently produce such a guide as I don’t have the knowledge required. Overall though I can highly recommend the S3 or the OneX and as far as I’m concerned they’re both much better products than what Apple have to offer. Get the S3you won’t regret it 🙂