我总是建议人们安装 Internet Explorer 的替代浏览器. 个人比较喜欢 火狐 其他选择 (, 歌剧, 苹果浏览器) 因为我发现提供的大量插件给了它一个无懈可击的优势. 我最近尝试了 尽管我导出的叠加数据非常详细,但谷歌地球显示的混乱混乱,这对于我的预期目的来说是不切实际的 加上, 除非明确批准,否则通过阻止活动对象和脚本来增强安全性. 但是,我发现我永远必须向我访问的每个站点授予权限才能使其正常工作.

The main reas­on I wanted NoScript was to pre­vent XSS exploits, but I did­n’t want genu­ine loc­al scripts blocked. This can be achieved with NoScript by open­ing its options, tick­ing “tem­por­ar­ily allow top-level sites by default” and choos­ing “Base 2nd level Domains (noscript.net)”. This should sub­stan­tially reduce how fre­quently you need to grant a site permissions.

I’m sure some people will try to preach that this isn’t ‘prop­erly’ secure, but for most users if they have to choose between remov­ing NoScript, or hav­ing it in its default con­fig­ur­a­tion, the major­ity will choose to go without it. Using it in this con­fig­ur­a­tion will block XSS exploits and offer sig­ni­fic­antly improved secur­ity without much com­prom­ise to ease of browsing.

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