0LAN 上の APC ネットワーク管理カードを見つける方法

最近、中古の APC ネットワーク管理カードを 2 枚入手しました (AP9617 および AP9630). どちらにも静的 IP が設定されていました (i.e. DHCP からアドレスを取得していない) だから彼らのウェブインターフェースにアクセスするために、私はそれらを見つける必要がありました.

With the AP9630 one option is just to reset it (press a paper­clip or sim­il­ar into the reset hole and hold for 20+ 秒) but this does­n’t work for all cards (e.g. it did­n’t work for the AP9617)

The easi­est way to con­nect the card up to my net­work with an eth­er­net cable, then install Wire­shark. Double click on your main net­work con­nec­tion to mon­it­or the traffic on it and then in the “apply a dis­play fil­ter” field at the top enter the following
You might then have to wait 2–3 minutes. Or altern­at­ively try unplug­ging and replug­ging the net­work cable from the man­age­ment card. You should see a “who has x.x.x.x” entry appear fairly soon. The source of the request (which will likely be x.x.x.y) です IP of the card. To con­nect to it you just set a manu­al IP for your own net­work card on the same range with a dif­fer­ent end­ing — x.x.x.z

This works because the first part of the MAC address of all APC cards is 00:c0:B7 and you’re unlikely to have any oth­ers on your net­work. If you do have oth­ers on your net­work then just use a net­work cable dir­ectly con­nec­ted between your NIC and the net­work man­age­ment card and do the same process.