ConBeeIIを使用しています USB HomeAssistantで私のzigbeeメッシュに固執する. ファームウェアを更新したかったのですが、HAをシャットダウンするのが最も簡単であることがわかりました, スティックのプラグを抜き、Windowsマシンを使用してスティックを更新します, 次に、それをHAシステムに戻し、HAを起動してバックアップします. Windowsでのプロセスの完全な手順があります ドレスデンエレクトロニックのウェブサイト


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This is a stu­pid response. You claim is to upgrade a con­beee stick for home assist­ant. But you big announce­ment is to use a win­dows machine…Stupid,dtupid, stupid!!!!


Hi Robert
I have home assist­ant. I use win­dows on my PC. I have a Con­Bee stick. I simply doc­u­mented how I was able to update the firm­ware — a pro­cess which is not straight­for­ward. I did­n’t say I was able to update it *via* home assist­ant. Giv­en that any­one can down­load a 30-day free tri­al of win­dows dir­ect from Microsoft if you’re “tech­nic­al” enough to be using home assist­ant and a non-win­dows OS then I’m sure you can set up a vir­tu­al machine, install win­dows on it, and then use the described pro­cess. I’m sorry the pro­cess was­n’t what you were look­ing for but if you go around call­ing every­one who puts inform­a­tion out there for free (at a loss actu­ally after domain name and host­ing is paid for) then don’t expect any­one to go out of their way to help you.