0IE浏览器 9 商标如何启动基于HTML全屏程序

散热器复合物 光盘-只读存储器 散热器复合物. 散热器复合物 HTML 散热器复合物. 有 2 散热器复合物.
1. 散热器复合物
2. 全屏窗口由父浏览器窗口启动,然后位于全屏窗口的顶部,并且在退出全屏窗口时必须关闭
全屏窗口由父浏览器窗口启动,然后位于全屏窗口的顶部,并且在退出全屏窗口时必须关闭, 全屏窗口由父浏览器窗口启动,然后位于全屏窗口的顶部,并且在退出全屏窗口时必须关闭. 全屏窗口由父浏览器窗口启动,然后位于全屏窗口的顶部,并且在退出全屏窗口时必须关闭, 全屏窗口由父浏览器窗口启动,然后位于全屏窗口的顶部,并且在退出全屏窗口时必须关闭.

Allow Active Content to run in files on My Computer dialog box internet settings

To address the security warnings requires changing an option in the ‘Internet Options’ 控制面板. Under the advanced tab scroll down to the “安全” options and tick the optionallow active content to run in files on My Computer*

To address the pop-up issues requires a small adjustment of the JavaScript code that launches the full-screen window. The following code will launch a new full-screen window and close the parent window without any prompts

window.open("container.html", "popup", "fullscreen=1, left=0, top=0, menubar=no, resizable=no, status=no, scrollbars=no");[/javascript]

感谢 phdcc 为代码

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