0FFmpegのロゴLOW – A new splitter

A new directshow splitter has become available. If you’re not happy with the offerings from Haali and Gabest then you might like to try LOW. 私はまだそれを自分で試していない, so I can’t currently offer any more information. It does mention splitting wtv files though, 私は近い将来にそれをしようとします.

アップデート 1

  • It seems to recognise wtv files, but I couldn’t get them to play back with ffdshow
  • It is better than Haali with 1080i50 vc1 files(which don’t seem to work in anything ffmpeg related) but whilst they play, it gets out of sync quite quickly.
  • It juddered when playingDeja Vuwith ffdshow dxva decoder. Deja Vu includes a raw PCM bitstream. It was ok with ffdshow with software decoding, but Haali can decode Deja Vu with PCM audio and using ffdshow dxva for video.

When I get the time I will compile a thorough set of challenging-to-play files with various codecs, resolutions and framerates, and produce a full comparison table between Haali, Gabest and LAV

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