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0Googleは、広告ブロックのアプリを削除: ここではそれらを取得する

It seems that the formerly “do no evil” google have decided to remove all ad block­ing apps from the Play Store. For­tu­nately it has always been pos­sible to install apps dir­ectly from the APK files — as long as you can find them. The 3 最も人気のある広告ブロックのアプリはまだAPK形式でダウンロードできます, all you need to do is enable the installing of apps from “unknown sources” some­where in your phones set­tings.

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I was recently giv­en a Sam­sung Galaxy S2 which was locked to T‑Mobile, それは任意のネットワーク上で使用することができるように、私はそれをアンロックすることができればと頼まれました。私は単純に電話を応援することは、この目的を達成すると仮定しました, しかし悲しいことに、これはそうではなかった - それはいくつかのネットワークプロバイダがまだSIMロックの携帯電話であると思われる, でも上のCON-トラクト, まだこれらのロックを壊すことは常にストレートフォワードではないこと。十分な研究ではしかし、, それはかなり簡単なプロセスになります.

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0三星銀河(注) 2三星銀河(注) 2: モッズ, ヒント, 微調整 & もっと

I recently wrote about ways to enhance and tweak the Sam­sung Galaxy S3. Since then my part­ner has acquired a Galaxy Note 2, which is rather like an over­size S3. Now that I’ve had chance to play with it a bit I’ve updated my ori­gin­al art­icle to cov­er the tweaks that work for both phones. Any dif­fer­ences are noted there. I’ve also writ­ten a new art­icle with a guide to how to root the Note 2Enjoy.

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1三星銀河(注) 2方法: 三星銀河(注)ルート 2

As I’ve noted before pretty much the first thing I do when I get a new phone is root it. This time around its the turn of my part­ners Galaxy Note 2. Below I will sum­mar­ise the steps which are very sim­il­ar to those I used for my own Sam­sung Galaxy S3.

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2サムスンギャラクシーS3サムスンギャラクシーS3 & ノート 2: モッズ, ヒント & 微調整

I’ve had my Galaxy S3 a little over a month already and have slowly been com­pil­ing a worth­while list of tips and tweaks that I use and can recom­mend to oth­er users. I’ve updated the list to include tips for the Galaxy Note 2 which my part­ner now has. Many of these may also apply to oth­er Sam­sung or even oth­er android phones, but some are spe­cif­ic to the galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2. By all means try them regard­less of phone and let us know how you get on.… 記事全文を読みます

0Android Market Google Play好きなAndroidアプリ 4: 夏 2012

Every now and then I update my list of favour­ite android apps. These are the apps that I keep going back to time and again. Pre­vi­ous ver­sions for 秋 2011春 2011夏期 2010 are also avail­able. Many haven’t changed over the last 2 年!  以下の合計量体2012のアップデートは···
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5サムスンギャラクシーS3方法: サムスンギャラクシーS3は、ルート

Pretty much the first thing I do when I get a new phone is root it. First and fore­most this allows me to install and enable adfree — which is get­ting increas­ingly essen­tial on android. On pre­vi­ous phones this was often tricky, altho in the last couple of years it has stead­ily got easi­er. This time it was the turn of my new Sam­sung Galaxy S3. Below I will sum­mar­ise the steps in my own way, but I had a look at sev­er­al guides on the net and the best one I found was on Android­Au­thor­ity.

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0サムスンギャラクシーS3Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘v’ Asus eeePC 901

レビューがたくさんあり​​最新の携帯電話をCOM-PAR-INGそこにある, 最新のタブは、することができ、最新のノートブック, しかし、これまでにいくつかの - のことを非常に少数のREF-ERリファレンスよりも 18 months old. Most people don’t upgrade their kit any­where near that fre­quently which makes the com­par­is­ons rather use­less. In the 4–5 year time­frame which is a more typ­ic­al upgrade cycle for most people there have been huge changes to the com­put­ing power avail­able.

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0HTCの欲望のAndroidロゴ感覚 3.5 HTCの欲望に

I’ve pre­vi­ously writ­ten about usingan altern­at­ive ROM 私のHTCの欲望に AceSMod007のおかげで, but things have moved on a fair bit since then. I’ve finally got round to updat­ing my Desire again, and decided I’d go with anoth­er “007 Mod”, spe­cific­ally RunnymedeMod007 which fea­tures Sense 3.5. I’ve actu­ally been run­ning release 7 数週間, but it has been a mixed exper­i­ence. Hav­ing updated to release 21 a couple of days ago I’m now much hap­pi­er. If you have a Desire and want the latest eye candy without com­prom­ising on per­form­ance I highly recom­mend giv­ing it a try. Happy mod­ding.

0HTCの欲望のAndroidロゴAppleのiPhone 4S Vサムスンギャラクシーネクサス首相

With the recent release of the Sam­sung Galaxy Nex­us Prime and the Apple Iphone 4S, I thought I’d do a quick com­par­is­on of the 2 devices. I’ve also included data and specs for 2 oth­er high-end recent smart­phones, the HTC Sen­sa­tion XE and the Motorola Atrix 2.

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