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5لوڈ، اتارنا Android علامت (لوگو)HTC خواہش ایچ ڈی کی جڑ کے لئے کس طرح & ایک اپنی مرضی کے ROM نصب

میں نے حال ہی میں ایک HTC خواہش ایچ ڈی جڑ سے اکھاڑ پھینکنے اور ایک اپنی مرضی کے مطابق ڈال کرنے کے لئے کہا گیا ہے ROM اس پر. میں نے کرنے پر اتفاق, des­pite some reluct­ance — hack­ing my own HTC Desire was quite a hassle and involved lots of research and con­sid­er­able time. … مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0HTC خواہش، اتارنا Android علامتHTC خواہش کے لئے متبادل ROM

گزشتہ کے لئے 9 months or so I’ve been experiement­ing with altern­at­ive android ROMs for my HTC Desire. Whilst there is noth­ing par­tic­u­larly wrong with the offi­cial HTC ROM, they are often slow to release new ver­sions of Android or Sense for older phones like the Desire. I was keen to have some of the Sense 3 fea­tures, along with the sense web­site access to my phone.

... مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0Android مارکیٹ گوگل کھیلیںFavourite Android Apps — Autumn 2011

I’ve recently changed the ver­sion of Android I run on my HTC Desire. This was an excuse to write a fol­low-up to my pre­vi­ous list of favour­ite apps 1 اور list of favour­ite apps 2
... مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

7HTC خواہش، اتارنا Android علامتفکسڈ: کار چارجر سے آہستہ آہستہ چارج HTC خواہش

میں ایک HTC خواہش ہے, which I fre­quently use as a Sat Nav sys­tem. I have a car char­ger, but this is often barely able to keep pace with the power draw of the phone. This seemed strange as the offi­cial HTC wall-wart char­ger that came with the phone can fully-char­ger the bat­tery quite quickly. I did some research and dis­covered that the HTC wall char­ger has the یوایسبی اعداد و شمار کے پن (پن 2 اور 3) shor­ted. The phone detects this and increases the total power it draws whilst char­ging.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0Android مارکیٹ گوگل کھیلیںUpdated list of favourite HTC Desire Apps

Hav­ing recently had my HTC Desire replaced due to a fault, I’ve had to rein­stall the entire device. I took this as an oppor­tun­ity for a bit of a clear out, and have updated my pre­vi­ous list of favour­ite apps accordingly.
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0HTC خواہش، اتارنا Android علامتFixing poor quality images from HTC Desire camera

I’ve been rather dis­ap­poin­ted with the image qual­ity from the cam­era in my HTC Desire. Turns out its not the cam­era, its the low qual­ity plastic lens cov­er built into the back cov­er of the phone which gets eas­ily scratched. My advice: either replace the back cov­er (con­tact HTC, its often free) یا (as I did) just ditch the plastic cov­er, the lens is made of glass which isn’t easy to scratch, espe­cially as its well recessed into the phone.

Thanks for this tip to HTC Desire Tricks

0Android مارکیٹ گوگل کھیلیںFavourite apps for the HTC Desire

I’ve had an HTC Desire for a couple of months now, which has giv­en me plenty of time to explore the range of apps avail­able. Below is a list of the ones I’ve found myself using the most fre­quently (exclud­ing the built-in ones)...
... مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0Tinkerbell Fairy Wish List Logoٹیکنالوجی خواہش کی فہرست

انٹرنیٹ کے بارے میں سب سے بہترین چیزوں میں سے ایک ایک تقریبا کچھ بھی تلاش کر سکتے ہیں ہے. افسوس کی بات ہے, there are some things that can­’t be found (رٹ-ING کے وقت). Below is my per­son­al list that I’m hop­ing to even­tu­ally find…
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