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0Media Center Master-LogoAuch fortgeschrittene Post-Processing mit MCM

I’ve been look­ing to fur­ther tweak the Media Cen­ter Mas­ter post-pro­cessing script I’ve pre­vi­ously writ­ten about — par­tially to fix a few new files that were being incor­rectly detec­ted by Stark Cov­ers, and also to build in some auto­mat­ic image res­iz­ing which, Ich habe als Pre-vi-zeitig detaillierte, hilft improve the per­form­ance of Media Browser.
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0Stark Abdeckungen LogoAlternative Abdeckungen für StarkCovers

Eine sehr schnelle ein, um in einem Link zu einigen alternativen Abdeckungen fallen Ich habe für StarkCovers, die verfügbar sind gemacht aus der Down-Lasten page. The basic reas­on for these is that I liked the look of the 3D cov­ers, but found the angle of them suf­fi­ciently severe as to make it dif­fi­cult to tell what some films were. I’ve basic­ally twis­ted them to a dif­fer­ent angle and replaced the 3D3 cov­ers with this new ver­sion. Simply replace the con­tents of the ori­gin­al 3D3 folder with the con­tents of the linked archive.
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0Bilder nach Namen Studios LogoNeue IBN Studios Upload

A user called “Chip­monkery” has uploaded a new stu­di­os pack to the IBN pro­jectThis doubles the pre­vi­ous num­ber of stu­dio images. Hope­fully it will include many (oder zumindest einige) of the icons I lis­ted in my earli­er postI will update that post accord­ingly.

0Bilder nach Namen Studios LogoFehlende Studios von IBN-Projekt

Below is a list I’m slowly com­pil­ing of Movie Stu­dio logos that are miss­ing from the Images By Name pro­ject. I hope to even­tu­ally loc­ate sources for them all and at a con­veni­ent point will sub­mit them to the pro­ject.

Crossed-out items are now included in the avail­able down­loads. Grey items are items that are altern­at­ive names for exist­ing stu­di­os — these can be added by duplic­at­ing the rel­ev­ant folder and renam­ing it.

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0Media Center Master-LogoErweiterte Nachbearbeitung mit Media Center-Master

I use Media Cen­ter Mas­ter and Stark­Cov­ers to man­age the metadata for all my loc­al media on my HTPC.  Ich mag, um HD-Filme zu haben und DVDs use a dif­fer­ent style of cov­er in stark to the style used by low qual­ity files. The fol­low­ing com­mand script accom­plishes this (und ein bisschen mehr)...
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0Media Browser Logowieder Tweaking Media Browser Leistung

Last year I pos­ted about improv­ing the per­form­ance of Media BrowserIn the end that attempt yiel­ded dis­ap­point­ing res­ults. How­ever, I’ve recently been exper­i­ment­ing with vari­ous ways of improv­ing per­form­ance as my lib­rary size increases.
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0Innerhalb HDD LogoBeschleunigung Media Browser

Ein Artikel über Hack7MC fiel mir ein paar Monaten, aber ich habe gerade erst um, um nach oben auf sie bekam. Die Idee ist, durch Verschieben der Bibliothek zu einer billigen, beschleunigen den Media Browser-Plugin für Media Center USB Flash-Laufwerk, die hoffentlich bietet viel bessere Leistung als normale Festplattenlaufwerke. Das erste, was ich tat, war Test ein paar Flash-basierten Geräte, die ich gegen meinen Desktop Harddrive ...
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