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0Media Center Master Logo更先进的后期处理MCM

I’ve been look­ing to fur­ther tweak the Media Cen­ter Mas­ter post-pro­cessing script I’ve pre­vi­ously writ­ten about — par­tially to fix a few new files that were being incor­rectly detec­ted by Stark Cov­ers, and also to build in some auto­mat­ic image res­iz­ing which, as I’ve pre­vi­ously detailed, helps to improve the per­form­ance of Media Browser.
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0斯塔克封面标志Alternative covers for StarkCovers

A very quick one to drop in a link to some altern­at­ive cov­ers I’ve made for Stark­Cov­ers which are avail­able from the 降负荷 page. The basic reas­on for these is that I liked the look of the 3D cov­ers, but found the angle of them suf­fi­ciently severe as to make it dif­fi­cult to tell what some films were. I’ve basic­ally twis­ted them to a dif­fer­ent angle and replaced the 3D3 cov­ers with this new ver­sion. Simply replace the con­tents of the ori­gin­al 3D3 folder with the con­tents of the linked archive.
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0按名称影城标志图像Missing studios from IBN project

Below is a list I’m slowly com­pil­ing of Movie Stu­dio logos that are miss­ing from the Images By Name pro­ject. I hope to even­tu­ally loc­ate sources for them all and at a con­veni­ent point will sub­mit them to the pro­ject.

Crossed-out items are now included in the avail­able down­loads. Grey items are items that are altern­at­ive names for exist­ing stu­di­os — these can be added by duplic­at­ing the rel­ev­ant folder and renam­ing it.

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0Media Center Master Logo先进的后处理与媒体中心主

I use Media Cen­ter Mas­ter and Stark­Cov­ers to man­age the metadata for all my loc­al media on my HTPCI like to have HD movies and DVD光盘 use a dif­fer­ent style of cov­er in stark to the style used by low qual­ity files. The fol­low­ing com­mand script accom­plishes this (and a bit more)...
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Last year I pos­ted about improv­ing the per­form­ance of Media BrowserIn the end that attempt yiel­ded dis­ap­point­ing res­ults. How­ever, I’ve recently been exper­i­ment­ing with vari­ous ways of improv­ing per­form­ance as my lib­rary size increases.
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在Hack7MC的一篇文章引起了我的眼睛几个月前, 但我才刚刚得到周围就可以跟进. 这个想法是由它的库迁移到低价加快Media Center中的媒体浏览器插件 USB 闪存驱动器, 它希望提供比普通硬盘驱动器更好的性能. 我做的第一件事是测试一对夫妇,我有对我的台式机硬盘基于闪存的设备...
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