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2Blackgold BGT3630 LogoПроблема с BlackGold 36XX ТВ карты

У меня были отсекающие вопросы, на некоторое время с моим Телевидение-Сервер. I run DVBLink on top of Windows Server which allows me to share my Телевидение сигналы на все мои ПК, Android телефоны, PS3, Xbox и другие DLNA приборы. Однако, I’ve had an issue where seemingly at random I’ve lost the ability to tune some channels. Initially I put this down to DVBLink, но после тщательного тестирования оказывается проблема с Телевидение карты. После того, как карты потеряли мелодию это, кажется, длиться некоторое время в DVBLink, может быть, это не будет иметь тот же эффект в прямой установки Windows Media Center.

Regardlessthe issue only seems to apply to DVB-T тюнеров, and having disabled all of these in DVBLink I have at least worked around the problem. The big downside is that I have 4 DVB-T tuners which are now unavailable, and only 3 DVB-S tuners which I can use. Whilst not the end of the worldI paid for 7 тюнеры, and that’s what I wish to use! BlackGold were supposed to have issued a fix by now so hopefully one is on the way soon. В это время – if you have blackgold tuners and you’ve been having tuning issues intermittentlythis could well be the source of the problem.

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I have one of these and it is bugging the h**l out of me with intermittent faults in the picture as if there was a signal problem. It isn’t likely as I can switch to the freeview tuner in my tv and get a perfect picture. In HD the problem is even worse making the programme unwatchable.

I’m hoping that when I get the sat dish connected the problem will go away, but I’m also so sick of it I might just trade in to a different tuner.