2Blackgold BGT3630ロゴBlackGold 36XX TVカードに関する問題

私は自分でしばらくの間、オン・オフの問題を抱えてきました テレビ-サーバー. I run DVBLink on top of Windows Server which allows me to share my テレビ すべての私への信号 パソコン, Android携帯電話, PS3, のXboxとその他 DLNA デバイス. しかしながら, I’ve had an issue where seemingly at random I’ve lost the ability to tune some channels. Initially I put this down to DVBLink, しかし、広範なテストの後に、問題があると表示されます テレビ カード. カードが曲を失った後、これはDVBLinkでしばらく続くように思える, 多分それはストレートのWindows Media Centerのセットアップで同じ効果を持っていません.

Regardlessthe issue only seems to apply to DVB-Tチューナー, and having disabled all of these in DVBLink I have at least worked around the problem. The big downside is that I have 4 DVB-T tuners which are now unavailable, and only 3 DVB-S tuners which I can use. Whilst not the end of the worldI paid for 7 チューナー, and that’s what I wish to use! BlackGold were supposed to have issued a fix by now so hopefully one is on the way soon. その間 – if you have blackgold tuners and you’ve been having tuning issues intermittentlythis could well be the source of the problem.

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I have one of these and it is bugging the h**l out of me with intermittent faults in the picture as if there was a signal problem. It isn’t likely as I can switch to the freeview tuner in my tv and get a perfect picture. In HD the problem is even worse making the programme unwatchable.

I’m hoping that when I get the sat dish connected the problem will go away, but I’m also so sick of it I might just trade in to a different tuner.