0Serial Key LogoSubstituindo uma tecla Win XP inválido com uma chave genuína

If you’ve ever been asked to fix a PC and have subsequently discovered it has a non-genuine or inappropriate Windows XP key installed, and you wish to update the key with a legitimate key, for example when a second hand laptop has been installed with a corporate key and needs updating with the OEM key from the sticker still attached to it, you may have run into problems switching between OEM , Volume and Retail versions of windows.

In the past this necessitated a complete reinstall, but it is now possible to correct this problem without a reinstall. Simply download the Ferramenta de Atualização de Chave fornecida pela Microsoft!
This is also convenient if you want to create and use 1 unattended disk to reinstall Windows in multiple environments. Simply build your disk with any type of disk for which you have a key and then update the key to the correct key for the machine / environment.

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