I’ve previously covered theme edits for rich snippets for various themes including 神秘的雰囲気 2, 神秘的雰囲気 3, 論文 & 二十セブンイレブン だけでなく、いくつかの 一般的な指示. Below are details of the code for how to validate rich snippets in the Me Gusta by Cosmos theme.

To fix author­ship info on all pages…

1. add rel=“author” to the href tag on lines 572 と 871 of lib\php\post.class.php
2. add a link to google+ pro­file on line 44 of author.php

Fix other errors

1. add class=“vcard” to ul on line 571 and line 858 of lib\php\post.class.php
2. add fn to class of li on lines 572 と 871 of lib\php\post.class.php
3. 交換する <li class=“time”> on line 872 of lib\php\post.class.php with <li class=“time updated”><span class=“value-title” title=”<?php the_date(); ?>」></スパン>

These instructions are less detailed than previous guides. If you need more detail don’t hesitate to askdrop a comment below and I’ll provide additional details.

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