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اپنے گھر تھیٹر اور ہائی فائی سیٹ اپ کے ڈیزائن اور پیدا کرنے کے لئے الٹی سائٹ.

0HTC خواہش، اتارنا Android علامتایپل آئی فون 4S وی سیمسنگ کہکشاں گٹھ جوڑ اعظم

سیمسنگ کہکشاں گٹھ جوڑ اعظم اور ایپل آئی فون 4S کی حالیہ رہائی کے ساتھ, میں نے سوچا کہ میں ایک فوری موازنہ کروں گا 2 آلات. میں نے بھی اعداد و شمار اور چشمی کے لئے شامل کر دیا ہے 2 دیگر اعلی کے آخر حالیہ اسمارٹ فونز, the HTC Sen­sa­tion XE and the Motorola Atrix 2.

Galaxy Nex­us (GSM Region)Iphone 4SHTC Sen­sa­tion XEMotorola Atrix 2
SIM Free Cost£519.99£581.76£429.95£299.99
Cost with contract£59.00£169.00مفتمفت
Resale valueN / AN / AN / AN / A
New bat­tery cost£19.99£62.44
Bluetooth MP3sجی ہاںنہیں!جی ہاںجی ہاں
Altern­at­ive OSesجی ہاںنہیںجی ہاںجی ہاں
Copy files without softwareجی ہاںنہیںجی ہاںجی ہاں
Replace­able batteryجی ہاںنہیںجی ہاںجی ہاں
Non-Mar­ket Appsجی ہاںنہیںجی ہاںجی ہاں
SD Card Supportنہیںنہیںجی ہاںجی ہاں
Stand­ard SIM Cardsجی ہاںنہیںجی ہاںجی ہاں
Cost of games£1.22£2.07£1.22£1.22
Sat Navمفتنہیںمفتمفت
Roll-back to older versionsجی ہاںنہیںجی ہاںجی ہاں
Known flaws (unfixed)Volume issue (fixed — Android 4.0.1 OTA)IOS5 bat­tery life issueN / AN / A
Major updatesGuar­an­teed full updates for 18 months min­im­um, his­tory implies premi­um devices get at least 2 major updates fea­ture com­plete, with the option for longer term updates via 3RD party releases.Likely to get sev­er­al gen­er­a­tions of updates but with almost all new fea­tures miss­ing. Once offi­cial sup­port is gone there are very few options due to lack of OSS community.N / AN / A
Weight125جی (150جی CDMA)140جی151جی147جی
Thick­ness8.9mm (9.5mm CDMA)9.3mm11.3mm10mm
Screen Res­ol­u­tion720×1280640×960540×960540×960
اسکرین سائز4.65"3.5"4.3"4.3"
Screen pixel density316ppi330ppi256ppi256ppi
Stor­age16گ ب (32Gb available)16گ ب (32Gb and 64Gb available)4گ ب8گ ب
Memory (رام)1گ ب512MB768MB1گ ب
سی پی یو1.2GHz Cor­tex-A9~800MHz Cor­tex-A91.5GHz MSM82601.0GHz Cor­tex-A9
GPUPower­VR SGX540Power­VR SGX543MP2ایڈرینو 220Power­VR SGX540
Standby Time270h (150h CDMA)200h310h382h
Talk Time17h (12h CDMA)14h9h9h
Stream­ing MediaDLNAAir­Play (pro­pri­et­ary)DLNADLNA
Max data speed21MBps14.4MBps14.4MBps21MBps
Wire­lessA B G NB G N33
این ایف سیجی ہاںنہیںنہیںنہیں
A-GPSجی ہاںجی ہاںجی ہاںYe
Video chat3G, 4GWiFiWiFi3G, 4GWiFi3G, 4GWiFi
Front Cam­era1.3Mpx0.3Mpx0.3Mpx0.3Mpx
Video Record­ing1080p301080p301080p301080p24
Shut­ter lag00.1
HDR فوٹوApp £1.24IncludedApp £1.24App £1.24
اعلی درجے کا Javaجی ہاںنہیںجی ہاںجی ہاں
Flashجی ہاںنہیںجی ہاںجی ہاں
Voice Func­tionsYes — Google Voice / MajelYes — Siriجی ہاںجی ہاں
FM Radioنہیںنہیںجی ہاںجی ہاں
Video Out­putMHL (HDMI adaptor £8)Pro­pri­et­ary (HDMI adaptor £30)MHLHDMI
SAR0.30 W/kg (0.63 W/kg CDMA)0.99 W/kg

Final Score: Galaxy Nex­us 33 - 4 Iphone 4S. 9 draws.

Some of the con­tests were really too close to mat­ter in which case I’ve scored a draw (مثلا. pixel dens­ity). The spec com­par­is­ons are largely mean­ing­less of course as it’s the respons­ive­ness of the phone that mat­ters, not the clock speed of its سی پی یوHow­ever it’s not easy to quanti­fy “respons­ive­ness”, and any con­clu­sion is bound to be called biased by fan­boi, so I’ve included the specs. The Galaxy won stand­ard SIM card sup­port because the Iphone only sup­ports mini sim cards, and altho a nor­mal sim card can be cut to fit most users will shy away from doing this (and it pre­vents you put­ting the SIM back into a nor­mal phone).  The HDR pho­tos was a draw because although the Iphone includes it, apps for android can do the job for a neg­li­gible impact on the over­all cost com­par­is­on. Voice sup­port was a draw for 3 وجوہات: 1 — although I con­cede Siri is a bit slick­er than cur­rent Android offer­ings, voice sup­port isn’t actu­ally very widely used, 2 — android will very soon have a super­i­or equi­val­ent to Siri which ties all the exist­ing google voice func­tions togeth­er with google’s huge wealth of mined data, اور 3 — voice sup­port before Siri was always super­i­or on android but no-one ever bothered to give any cred­it for it then and I don’t believe fea­tures should only be giv­en cred­it after Apple have included them. Obvi­ously some things are more import­ant than oth­ers, but over­all, it isn’t dif­fi­cult to con­clude that the Galaxy is tech­nic­ally super­i­or, is likely to receive bet­ter sup­port, has longer bat­tery life, has a much lower SAR, and is a bit cheap­er. Unless your house is already full of Apple-only hard­ware the Galaxy Nex­us is going to “talk” to more of your exist­ing hard­ware without fuss too (مثلا. Video Calls to Win­dows پی سی, Cheap­er Video out­put to your HD ٹی وی, join­ing Wireless‑A net­works, Send­ing files from your old phone via Bluetooth, or stream­ing media via DLNA).  The Iphone takes bet­ter qual­ity pho­tos, is a bet­ter (if more costly) plat­form for gam­ing, and will sat­is­fy those people who people who need to have “the” most fash­ion­able item — for everything else the Galaxy Nex­us is the com­pre­hens­ive winner.

Updated 17-Dec-2011.

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