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0নোকিয়া 6101 লোগোনকিয়া উঠছে 6101 পিসি সুইট দিয়ে সিএ-42 তারের মাধ্যমে কাজ

I’ve had some real issues con­nect­ing an old Nokia 6101 to a laptop via a genu­ine Nokia CA-42 cable. Des­pite repeated attempts to get help from Nokia the prob­lem remained unre­solved until recently. The pro­ced­ure which appears to have resolved the issue is as follows

  1. Remove the nokia cable driver sup­plied with PC Suite. এই দ্বারা অর্জন করা যেতে পারে down­load­ing the installer for the cable driver, run­ning it, and choos­ing to remove. এই পিসি সুইট অক্ষত ছেড়ে. but removes the driver for the CA-42 cable which did­n’t seem to work.
  2. Down­load and extract the altern­at­ive cable driver, avail­able on the ডাউন লোড পাতা
  3. Plug in the cable and when win­dows detects it and prompts for a driver, point it to the extrac­ted altern­at­ive driver