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0کوڈیکسونڈوز کے لیے مکمل کوڈیک کے انتظامات کی گائیڈ 7/8

ونڈوز 8 is finished and will soon be available for retail sale. With that in mind it seemed a good time to write an updated guide to getting codecs set up for a fully operational HTPC for both Windows 7 اور 8. For this guide I’m using a new feature of HTML5 which creates expandable instructions. At the time of writing this is only supported by chrome and safari 6 but hopefully other browsers will add support in the near future.

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0Haali Matroska logoHaali میڈیا Splitter کے: سرکاری سائٹ

HTPC related sites and resources seem to be dropping like flies at the moment. پہلا مرکز اطلاعات سٹوڈیو disappeared, پھر developed problems, and now the official site for Haali Media Splitter is down. Fortunately the media splitter can still be downloaded from lots of other sites, and we will keep a mirror here in case other sites drop it. There are also alternatives, including the MPC-ہائی کورٹ standalone codecs and LAV. Links to these are available on our ڈاؤن لوڈز صفحہ. Lets hope that this is the last in the recent series of HTPC related losses.

0Antec فیوژن ریموٹ HTPC کیس علامتشروع سے ایک نیا DIY HTPC کی تشکیل

ایک دوسرے کے ساتھ یہاں گزشتہ خطوط میں سے ایک بہت کی تعمیر کے لئے کس طرح پر ایک گائیڈ ہے ھیںچ اور ایک مکمل طور پر نمایاں قائم کی DIY HTPC from scratch
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2ونڈوز میڈیا سینٹر eHome لوگومکمل 7MC کوڈیک سیٹ اپ

I’ve previously posted several times about codec issues on 7mc, but I’ve now got a solution that is comprehensive, fairly simple and works consistently. With a few free codecs and utilities you can have full decoding support, DXVA, subtitles and fantastic flexibility working in 64bit (or 32bit) میڈیا سینٹر. The following instructions are specific to the x64 edition, but should work just as well on the 32bit edition.
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0Quizdom LogoQuizdom tabletvideo capture” کام نہیں کر رہا

I was asked to investigate why some video capture utility which is part of the software package for the Quizdom Tablet wasn’t loading correctly on a particular laptop. Investigation revealed that quizdom used the XviD codec and installs it as part of its setup routine. The laptop in question already had a video codec installed that was capable of decoding XviD videos, and this prior codec had a higher merit than the XviD native codec installed by quizdom. Disabling XviD support in this codec proved to be the solution. Anyone with the standalone MPC-ہائی کورٹ codecs or ffdshow installed may come across this problem

0Haali Matroska logoProblems with DS splitters playing a range of m2ts files

Ever since settings up a HTPC running Win7 Media Center I have had the occasional problem playing m2ts files. ffdshow supports all of the codecs used in m2ts files but still a few files play without without either audio or video, or the playback isn’t smooth despite more than ample hardware. I have experimented extensively with both haali matroska splitter اور gabests mpeg splitter but both have their flaws.
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1Closed Captions Subtitles Logoونڈوز میڈیا سینٹر میں سب ٹائٹلز اور DXVA 7 x64 کے

Thanks to a guide on I have been able to get subtitles working with hardware accelerated decoding in Windows Media Center 7 x64 کے.

For this simplified guide to work you must already be comfortable with the various tweaks necessary to change the default codecs used in Media Center. آپ codecs کے موافقت کرنے کے لئے کس طرح جانتے ہیں ایک بار (and change their merits) you can simply follow these steps
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0FFmpeg Logoمیڈیا سینٹر بنیادی کوڈیک انداز

Following on from my previous post listing details of the addins and apps that I use with my media center PC here are the details of the basic set of codec tweaks I use to enable maximum file compatiblity with DXVA support enabled
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3BBC HD علامتانتہائی بی بی سی ایچ ڈی کی درست!

میری پوسٹ کل کے لئے مزید, میں نے ڈھونڈ لیا, نگیل Dessau کے بلاگ کے ذریعے (AMD کی طرف سے بند کر دیا گیا یہ مضمون شائع کیا گیا تھا کے بعد سے), ATI اتپریرک میں اس مسئلے کے لئے ایک طے کر کے جاری کیا جائے گا کہ 10.2 (فروری 2010) رہائی. یہ تصوراتی، بہترین خبر ہے, آپ انتہائی شکریہ!
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0BBC HD علامتبی بی سی ایچ ڈی پر اپ ڈیٹ / انتہائی بدعنوانی کے مسائل

ایک پر صرف ایک فوری اپ ڈیٹ previous post about problems with BBC HD in Windows 7 Media Center when using ATI video cards.
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