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اپنے گھر تھیٹر اور ہائی فائی سیٹ اپ کے ڈیزائن اور پیدا کرنے کے لئے الٹی سائٹ.

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0پی ایچ پی sendmail میں ناکامی dmarc

میں نے ایک رن VPS which hosts sev­er­al domains. Send­ing mail from these domains has always been tricky. میں طویل عرصے سے استعمال کیا ہے WP SMTP Mail plu­gin for word­press to work around this, but I wanted to get a prop­er fix. After much read­ing I found a prop­er solu­tion
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0سپیم کی مکمل ٹنSPF کے ساتھ سپیم کو کم کرنے کے لئے کس طرح, DKIM & DMARC

Since I set up con­tact forms on vari­ous web­sites I’ve had a slowly increas­ing volume of spam. Not dir­ect spam sent to me, but bounces from non-exist­ent addresses that were being spamme, appar­ently from my address. Unfor­tu­nately the spam was­n’t ori­gin­at­ing from my address, but my address was some­how picked up (prob­ably from before I secured the con­tact forms on the site) and was being used as the “reply to” address. After some invest­ig­a­tion I heard about SPF which is an e‑mail anti-for­gery sys­tem.

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