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2ونڈوز میڈیا سینٹر eHome لوگومکمل 7MC کوڈیک سیٹ اپ

I’ve previously posted several times about codec issues on 7mc, but I’ve now got a solution that is comprehensive, fairly simple and works consistently. With a few free codecs and utilities you can have full decoding support, DXVA, subtitles and fantastic flexibility working in 64bit (or 32bit) میڈیا سینٹر. The following instructions are specific to the x64 edition, but should work just as well on the 32bit edition.
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2CD LogoMulti disc albums in Media Center

I recently added my FLAC music collection to my Media Center box, but one of the last few things bugging me about the Media Center interface is that it does not respect the Disc Number. I prefer not to have a different album name for the second disc, and i also prefer to keep discs separate. Today I accidentally stumbled on a solution, thanks to a mis-tagging of a double-cd album.
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0FLAC Logoمیڈیا سینٹر X64 میں مکمل FLAC حمایت

Following on from an earlier article, I have been continuing to work on getting my music collection working in Windows 7 میڈیا سینٹر. The problem I have had is that although there are codecs from xiph which support playback of flacs in 64bit players (اس پوسٹ کو دیکھنے) وہاں ہے (جہاں تک میں جانتی ہوں) no tag extenders compatible with 64bit. After banging my head against a wall for ages I eventually had a breakthrough.
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0Xiph Codecs Logo64بٹ Xiph کوڈیک WMP12 میں فائل کی قسم ڈائیلاگ ٹوٹ جاتا ہے

ایک میں earlier article I recommended installing the Xiph codecs to support FLAC files in 64bit Media Player and Media Center. One of the comments (thom007 کو شکریہ) on that post pointed out that the Xiph codecs break thefile typedialog box in Media Player 12. Below is a work-around which restores the file-type dialog box. The possible side effects are as yet unknown, so experiment at your own risk.
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