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0fonera simpl2Gebrochene Fonera Ruinen DVB-T-Empfang

Zum letzten 3 days I’ve had ser­i­ous prob­lems receiv­ing Freeview. Until now I’ve had no prob­lems, but as we’d had some very strong winds loc­ally, I thought a likely can­did­ate was the aer­i­al being knocked off align­ment. I car­ried out vari­ous oth­er checks of cables, amp­li­fi­ers etc. and could­n’t find any issues, and con­sequently decided to invest­ig­ate issues with the aer­i­al. I have a large high gain aer­i­al spare, and as I’m cur­rently in ren­ted accom­mod­a­tion I decided to try my aer­i­al in the attic space, rather than attempt­ing to get onto the roof of the house. I lugged my aer­i­al up, and thanks to a com­bin­a­tion of aer­i­als­andtv, google earth, und mega­lith­ia ter­rain was able to line up on the nearest major trans­mit­ter — Emley Moor. I con­nec­ted the aer­i­al dir­ectly to the Fernseher Karte in meinem Fernseher serv­er and used my laptop to check that everything was fixed. It was­n’t!… Den ganzen Artikel lesen

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Die Seite scheint Theme7mc gezogen worden, und die Ressourcen, Ortung, die auf es früher nicht geradlinig. Als ehemaligen Treiber war ich daran interessiert, wo der Inhalt war gegangen zu finden und ist froh, dass ich Leute zur Theme7mc Archiv Post auf Hack7mc.com zeigen kann, wo sie alle zu finden sind.

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