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0Logo HTML5HTML5 spec terminé et publié!

Enfin, la W3C a publié la finale spécification HTML5. DIY Media Home est déjà écrit codé en HTML5, mais la finalisation de la spécification HTML5 signifie que la conformité ne soit plus une cible mobile soit pour nous, ou les fabricants de navigateurs. Hopefully all the main players will provide fully HTML5 compliant browsers soon. In the meantime we’ll be working to ensure our site is fully compliant with the final spec.

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0Internet Explorer 9 LogoComment lancer des programmes de base de HTML Plein écran

I was asked recently if I could copy a teaching resource from a CD-ROM onto a laptop computer. This particular program is mostly HTML with some embedded videos. Il y avait 2 problems with running it from a local shortcut.
1. Internet Explorer security warnings
2. The full-screen window is launched by a parent browser window which then sits on top of the full screen window and has to be closed when the full screen window is exited
Both of these are only annoyances rather than critical failures, but a complete solution involves fixing these kind of things. Finding a solution was a little tricky, but once the solution presented itself it was very simple.

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