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0Logo HTML5HTML5 spec terminé et publié!

Enfin, la W3C a publié la finale Spécification HTML5DIY Media Home est déjà écrit codée en HTML5, mais la finalisation de la spécification HTML5 signifie que le respect est plus une cible mouvante soit pour nous, or the browser makers. Hope­fully all the main play­ers will provide fully HTML5 com­pli­ant browsers soon. In the mean­time we’ll be work­ing to ensure our site is fully com­pli­ant with the final spec.

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0logo DIY Media HomePeu de nouveaux articles, beaucoup de nouveaux travaux de conception

For the last 2–3 months I’ve been too busy to write much new con­tent for the site. This has­n’t been helped by a drop in things to write about — most of my art­icles are about tech­no­logy fixes or excit­ing new HTPC related devel­op­ments. There haven’t been too many new devel­op­ments, and I haven’t fixed much tech­no­logy because I’ve been too busy. That does­n’t mean the site has been entirely ignored how­ever…

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