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0Internet Explorer 9 LogotipoIE10 para Windows 7 finalmente chega

Outro item que estamos um pouco tarde para capa é a chegada de Internet Explorer 10 para Windows 7 (e Servidor 2008 R2). Como em versões anteriores, SOs mais velhos estão sendo deixados para trás sem suporte para o Vista ou XP, which are stuck on IE9 and IE8 respectively. If you have Windows 7 recomendamos a atualização (mesmo se você não usar IE) and of course there is no harm giving it a try. We’ll probably be sticking with Firefox and Chrome ourselves, mas IE por vezes, tem as suas utilizações.

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0espaços de armazenamentoEspaços de Armazenamento Microsoft: RAID Virtual para Windows 8?

Microsoft de Steve Sinofsky has written a detailed article about a genuinely exciting new feature of Windows 8 – espaços de armazenamento. Não vou repetir os detalhes aqui, para aqueles que você pode ir direto para a boca dos cavalos. However I will point out a key line from a home media server point of view: “There’s another resiliency attribute, chamado paridade, which directs Storage Spaces to store some redundancy information alongside user data contained within the space, thereby enabling automatic data reconstruction in the event of physical disk failure.To me, this sounds a LOT like a software RAID5 similar to that provided by UnRAID. Until Windows 8 is released and the technology is fully reviewed the details are of course somewhat speculative, but my reading of the article leads me to believe that Storage Spaces will enable the striping of disks, with a parity in the event of single disk failure. Further, it is reasonable to assume that this system will work with standard non-enterprise drives without suffering any compatibility issues. Finalmente, it is reasonable to assume that Storage Spaces will offer some of the performance benefits of hardware raid-5 too. If you have a home server with a lot of media and you want some redundancy, sem custo enorme, then this technology sounds like it might be the perfect solution. Graças Microsoft!

0Serial Key Logo folhetins Recuperando que o Windows

I am frequently given PCs to repair that require a reinstall of windows. These often don’t come with a full list of serial numbers for the software installed on them. To avoid the hassle of asking the owner to dig the serials out, it is easier to simply pull the serials from the old install before wiping…. Leia o artigo completo

1Internet Explorer 9 LogotipoInternet Explorer 9 – Melhor do que muitos esperavam?

Just a quick post, it seems that Microsoft have finally made a reasonable web browser, or at least the folks at Tom’s Hardware seem to think so. I’m still looking forward to Firefox 4, and hoping Mozilla will deliver a 64bit version as promised, but a bit of competition from the (still) dominant player in the browser market can’t be a bad thing.

5Logo Microsoft Security EssentialsAnti-Virus Free / anti-malware para Windows Server 2008

Microsoft está oferecendo um Beta download da versão 2 da sua segurança livre Essentials aplicativo de segurança. Isso funciona em Windows Server. para qualquer um (como eu) quem está usando Servidor 2008 em casa (por exemplo. em um servidor de arquivos) e precisa de anti-vírus, Eu não recomendo este.

Atualizar: Versão 2 final já está disponível.

0Logo Microsoft Security EssentialsMicrosoft antivírus atualizado

Microsoft have now updated their free anti-virus to version 1.0.1500 which is available from windows update if you have the previous version installed (ver my previous post). Se você deseja instalar 1.0.1500 without installing the old version first it can be downloaded from Microsoft. If you’re in a country where its unavailable then you can download it from SoftPedia

0Logo Microsoft Security EssentialsFree Anti-Virus da Microsoft

Microsoft ter lançado (há algumas semanas) um Beta gratuito de seu novo Anti-Virus / Security product Microsoft Security Essentials. Unfortunately as a Reino Unido resident when I visit the official Microsoft page I am toldThis beta is available only to customers in the United States, Israel, China and Brazil”. A quick google search quickly turns up a download link on SoftPedia which works. There are downloads of x86 and x64 versions of Security Essentials for Windows XP, Vista and 7