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0MS Office LogoBatch convertire vecchi documenti MS Office

I’ve been try­ing to sort out an enorm­ous (100+GB) or teach­ing resources that I’ve built-up over the years. After the obvi­ous steps (delet­ing empty, temp and duplic­ated files) and sort­ing the big files (e.g. Video, applic­a­tion installers) I was left with a large num­ber of office doc­u­ments. I am slowly work­ing through these, ma molti di essi sono 2003 or even older format doc­u­ments — some as old as Word 6!  Every time I open one of these files I am promp­ted with vari­ous secur­ity warn­ings. Whist these can be turned off (vedi sotto) è più sicuro di lasciare loro su, and I wanted to con­vert all the files to office 2007 (docx, xlsx ecc) formats. Batch con­ver­sion was def­in­itely the way to go.

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0Serial Tasto con il logoRecupero periodici da Windows

I am fre­quently giv­en PC to repair that require a rein­stall of win­dows. These often don’t come with a full list of seri­al num­bers for the soft­ware installed on them. To avoid the hassle of ask­ing the own­er to dig the seri­als out, it is easi­er to simply pull the seri­als from the old install before wip­ing.… Leggi l'articolo completo