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0PSU لوگوکامل HTPC بجلی کی فراہمی 2020?

مجھے حال ہی میں ایک نیا مل گیا GPU میرے لئے HTPC which required a replace­ment power sup­ply as the old one was­n’t suit­able for power­ing a GPU ایک ساتھ 8 پن میں PCIe بجلی کی تار. The HTPC is in use for an aver­age of around 6 hours per day and with elec­tri­city at 15p/kWh any reduc­tion in power at the wall works out at 33p a year per Watt. This isn’t a big sav­ing, but if con­sump­tion is reduced by sev­er­al watts the sav­ing can add up.
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