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0شعار ووردثابت: أخطاء PHP إهمال في لوحة القيادة وورد

في وقت سابق اليوم أنا تحديث موقع الاختبار لدينا, in preparation for rolling updates out to the main site. This involved updating several plugins and replacing theBeforeTheDeadlineplugin with Jetpack. After completing the updates I found I was getting several error messages on the dashboard, under the “وصلات واردة” dashboard widget, بل وأكثر الأخطاء عندما حاولت تفريغ مخابئ W3 إجمالي الكاش.

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0شعار ووردثابت: تعليقات منطقة تختفي في موضوع الغموض

I recently had a problem where the entire comments area was missing from all the posts on this blog. When I switched back to the default twentyten theme they reappeared and at first I thought it was a problem with the mystique theme. I switched back to mystique and disabled all of my plugins and the comments came back! A simple process of elimination identified the culprit – ال WP هذا Pager Plugin. This plugin isn’t really necessary with the mystique theme, so I have simply removed it. If you encounter the same problem with mystique, check you haven’t got this plugin enabled.