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2Blackgold BGT3630 LogoProblema com BlackGold 36xx Placas de TV

I’ve been having on-off issues for a while with my TV-Servidor. I run DVBLink on top of Windows Server which allows me to share my TV signals to all my PCs, Telefones com Android, PS3, Xbox e outros DLNA dispositivos. No entanto, I’ve had an issue where seemingly at random I’ve lost the ability to tune some channels. Initially I put this down to DVBLink, but after extensive testing it appears the problem is with the TV cartões. Uma vez que os cartões de ter perdido ajustar esse parece durar por um tempo em DVBLink, maybe it wouldn’t have the same effect in a straight Windows Media Center setup.

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0Blackgold BGT3630 LogoBlackgold: A placa sintonizadora de TV final?

Whilst looking for drivers for my Pinnacle 3010ix freeview tuner I noticed Blackgold have a new TV tuner due on the market. The Blackgold BGT3630 looks provisionally to tick all the boxes for me. It supports DVB-T / T2 E DVB-S/S2 as well as Analog and Cable DVB-C! So everything and the kitchen sink. The card is also supplied with low and full profile brackets and fits a PCI-E 1x slot. I suppose the only thing lacking is that it seems to only be a single-tuner for each format. Claro 2 cartões que resolve (se você tiver 2 slots PCI-E livres no seu HTPC)
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