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2Blackgold BGT3630 लोगोBlackgold 36xx टीवी कार्ड के साथ समस्या

I’ve been hav­ing on-off issues for a while with my टीवी-Serv­er. I run DVBLink on top of Win­dows Serv­er which allows me to share my टीवी sig­nals to all my पीसी, एंड्रॉयड फोन, PS3, Xbox and oth­er DLNA devices. How­ever, I’ve had an issue where seem­ingly at ran­dom I’ve lost the abil­ity to tune some chan­nels. Ini­tially I put this down to DVBLink, but after extens­ive test­ing it appears the prob­lem is with the टीवी पत्ते। एक बार कार्ड धुन को खो दिया है इस DVBLink में थोड़ी देर के लिए पिछले करने लगता है, maybe it would­n’t have the same effect in a straight Win­dows Media Cen­ter setup.

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0Blackgold BGT3630 लोगोकाला सोना: परम टीवी ट्यूनर कार्ड?

Whilst look­ing for drivers for my Pin­nacle 3010ix freeview tuner I noticed Black­gold have a new टीवी tuner due on the mar­ket. The Black­gold BGT3630 looks pro­vi­sion­ally to tick all the boxes for me. It sup­ports डीवीबी-टी / टी 2 और डीवीबी-S/S2 as well as Ana­log and Cable डीवीबी-सी!  So everything and the kit­chen sink. The card is also sup­plied with low and full pro­file brack­ets and fits a पीसीआई-E 1x slot. I sup­pose the only thing lack­ing is that it seems to only be a single-tuner for each format. Of course 2 कार्ड को हल करती है कि (if you have 2 pci‑e slots free in your HTPC)
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