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اپنے گھر تھیٹر اور ہائی فائی سیٹ اپ کے ڈیزائن اور پیدا کرنے کے لئے الٹی سائٹ.

پوسٹس ٹیگ شدہ: zacate

0AMD ویژن فیوژن پریمیم علامتFusion E‑450 coming

نیم AC-CUR-کھایا has news that AMD are to immin­ently release a new Zacate mem­ber of the Brazos plat­form. Accord­ing to pre­vi­ous inform­a­tion on Anandtech اور Hex­us the E‑450 is clocked at 1.65GHz (up from 1.60GHz) and has graph­ics clocked at 600MHz (up from 500MHz).  It will also reportedly sup­port high­er speeds of DDR3 memory, and fea­ture some kind of turbo.

17AMD ویژن فیوژن پریمیم علامتNew HTPC — Asus E35M1‑M Pro (AMD Fusion)

I’ve just upgraded my HTPC — or rather “side-graded” it from a Pen­ti­um Dual­Core to an Asus E35M1‑M Pro. Below I’ll doc­u­ment my thoughts as I give the sys­tem a full workout
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