2.3 Get traffic from social network sites

Did you know that Facebook has overtaken Google to become the most visited site on the Web?

2.3.1 Create a google+ page

Sign up for Google+ and thencreate a google+ pagefor your site. あなたのサイトとあなたのGoogle ページは相互にリンクします. When you publish a new article share share it on Google+. At the moment there is no way to automate this, but automated tools are likely to arrive in the near future.

2.3.2 Create a facebook page

Facebook is now the most visited site in the world. Many of your friends probably think that Facebook IS the internet. To help your content get noticed share it to Facebook automatically. You will need a Facebook “ページ”, と SharePress plugin to automate the process.

2.3.3 Create a twitter account

Whilst google+ and facebook are the mainsocial networkingsites you’ll want to focus on, you want people to discover your content in as many ways as possible. If you set up a twitter account you can automatically tweet the excerpts of your articles to twitter. You can also automate tweets for comments. ザ· Simple Twitter Status Update plugin will sort this out for you.

2.3.4 Get listed on blog catalogs

There are quite a few blog catalogs out there which you should sign up and get listed on. This is another way of getting incoming links and getting your site noticed. Technorati is one of the biggest, そうそこ開始し、お時間のある時にさらに追加.

2.3.5 Autoshare to other social sites

我々は主要な場所を紹介してきた一方で、トラフィックを拾うことができます, there are yet more social sites out there that might generate you some traffic. テースト, 例えば, Del.icio.usに共有したい. As always there are various plugin options which can automate this. We recommend starting with the plugin WPing.FM and the free ping.fm service. TightMixBlog has a detailed article on using WPingとping.fm to autoshare your content to over 30 ソーシャルサイト!

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