2.3 Get traffic from social network sites


2.3.1 Create a google+ page

Sign up for Google+ and then “cre­ate a google+ page” for your site. Link your site and your Google+ page with each oth­er. When you pub­lish a new art­icle share share it on Google+. At the moment there is no way to auto­mate this, しかし、自動化ツールは、近い将来に到着する可能性が高い.

2.3.2 Create a facebook page

Face­book is now the most vis­ited site in the world. Many of your friends prob­ably think that Face­book IS the inter­net. To help your con­tent get noticed share it to Face­book auto­mat­ic­ally. You will need a Face­book “page”, と SharePress plu­gin to auto­mate the pro­cess.

2.3.3 Create a twitter account

グーグルとFacebookは、あなたがに集中したいと思う主な「ソーシャルネットワーキング」サイトである一方で, you want people to dis­cov­er your con­tent in as many ways as pos­sible. If you set up a twit­ter account you can auto­mat­ic­ally tweet the excerpts of your art­icles to twit­ter. You can also auto­mate tweets for com­ments. The シンプルななじる-TERの最新状況 PLU-GINは、あなたのためにこれを整理します.

2.3.4 Get listed on blog catalogs

There are quite a few blog cata­logs out there which you should sign up and get lis­ted on. This is anoth­er way of get­ting incom­ing links and get­ting your site noticed. Tech­nor­ati is one of the biggest, そうそこ開始し、お時間のある時にさらに追加.

2.3.5 Autoshare to other social sites

我々は主要な場所を紹介してきた一方で、トラフィックを拾うことができます, there are yet more social sites out there that might gen­er­ate you some traffic. You might, 例えば, Del.icio.usに共有したい. As always there are vari­ous plu­gin options which can auto­mate this. We recom­mend start­ing with the plu­gin WPing.FM and the free ping.fm ser­vice. Tight­MixB­log has a detailed art­icle on using WPingとping.fm 自動掲載CON-10トンまで以上に 30 ソーシャルサイト!

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