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0نوافذ 8 شعارثلاث ضربات أكثر ضد ويندوز 8

في حالة مترو واجهة المستخدم ليسطارد كاف, وقد اعترف مايكروسوفت 3 المزيد من الأشياء التي ينبغي أن تجعل أي شخص يفكر في ويندوز 8 التفكير مرتين.

1. ليس 3بحث وتطوير party browsers on Win­dows 8 لأرمينيا
Microsoft have made some excuses about bat­tery life and secur­ity, لكن مع IE’s track record this seems quite laugh­able. Unsur­pris­ingly Moz­illa and Google are not happy. I worry about where this indic­ates that Microsoft think­ing is going.
مصدر: ديلي

2. Win­dows Media Cen­ter is now a paid for extra, des­pite being unchanged!

Microsoft have done noth­ing to update Media Cen­ter, but have removed it from all edi­tions, and it is now only avail­able as a paid-for addon for Win­dows 8 Pro. So if I upgrade from Win­dows 7 Pro to Win­dows 8 Pro it sounds like I stand to lose my per­fectly work­ing and paid for Media Cen­ter — and have to pay extra to get it back, دون تغيير!  هناك نكتة مجموع.
مصدر: سنابس

3. ترميز الصوتي اختفائه

Lost along with Media Cen­ter are vari­ous audio codecs. The excuse this time is that “ultra­books” don’t have optic­al drives. Yes — and that’s the major reas­on I have no plans to buy an Intel approved “ultra­book”. Again — pay­ing extra for what pre­vi­ously came as stand­ard is regres­sion not pro­gres­sion. If the price has come down then it will be a dif­fer­ent mat­ter, but that’ll hap­pen around the time h**l freezes over.
مصدر: سنابس

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