0finestre 8 logoAltri tre scioperi contro di Windows 8

Nel caso il Metro UI non è repellente abbastanza, Microsoft ha ammesso 3 più le cose che dovrebbero rendere chiunque considerando di Windows 8 pensateci due volte.

1. No 3rd party browsers on Windows 8 for ARM
Microsoft have made some excuses about battery life and security, ma con IE’s track record this seems quite laughable. Unsurprisingly Mozilla and Google are not happy. I worry about where this indicates that Microsoft thinking is going.
source: DailyTech

2. Windows Media Center is now a paid for extra, despite being unchanged!

Microsoft have done nothing to update Media Center, but have removed it from all editions, and it is now only available as a paid-for addon for Windows 8 Per I. So if I upgrade from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 8 Pro it sounds like I stand to lose my perfectly working and paid for Media Centerand have to pay extra to get it back, unchanged! A total joke.
source: AnandTech

3. Audio codecs going missing

Lost along with Media Center are various audio codecs. The excuse this time is thatultrabooksdon’t have optical drives. sì – and that’s the major reason I have no plans to buy an Intel approved “Ultrabook”. Di nuovo – paying extra for what previously came as standard is regression not progression. If the price has come down then it will be a different matter, but that’ll happen around the time h**l freezes over.
source: AnandTech

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