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对于最后 3 days I’ve had ser­i­ous prob­lems receiv­ing Freeview. Until now I’ve had no prob­lems, but as we’d had some very strong winds loc­ally, I thought a likely can­did­ate was the aer­i­al being knocked off align­ment. I car­ried out vari­ous oth­er checks of cables, amp­li­fi­ers etc. and could­n’t find any issues, and con­sequently decided to invest­ig­ate issues with the aer­i­al. I have a large high gain aer­i­al spare, and as I’m cur­rently in ren­ted accom­mod­a­tion I decided to try my aer­i­al in the attic space, rather than attempt­ing to get onto the roof of the house. I lugged my aer­i­al up, and thanks to a com­bin­a­tion of aer­i­als­andtv, 谷歌地球, and mega­lith­ia ter­rain was able to line up on the nearest major trans­mit­ter — Emley Moor. I con­nec­ted the aer­i­al dir­ectly to the 电视 卡在我 电视 serv­er and used my laptop to check that everything was fixed. It was­n’t!... 阅读全文

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我自己的几个数码士PVT-9200T双Freeview频道的个人录像机, 这两者都是现在很满录制的节目。 Humax公司提供了一个名为eLinker程序, but it isn’t very good. A good altern­at­ive is Humax Media Con­trol­ler but unfor­tu­nately it does­n’t work with Win­dows x64, 如 迈克Dimmick 解释。感激地, 迈克已经通过修补一些文件也创造了一个解决方案, 让数码士媒体控制器现在可以成功地在Windows中使用 7 64。唯一的问题是,Windows必须使用驱动程序签名强制禁止被启动.