私は多くの新しい記事を書いていない一方で、最近、私は物事の舞台裏側を更新し、改訂かなりの時間を費やしています, すなわち、さまざまなセキュリティ (TLS) 私の設定 VPS それは、この1を含むいくつかのサイトをホストします。私も最近、強化するために働いているもう一つは、gzipでの私の使用を改善することです, そしてbrotliと呼ばれる新しい形式

簡単に, GZIP (そして、brotli) can be used to com­press resources before they are sent to the browser, 送信されるデータの量を減少させます, and hence should mean a site loads faster. The down­side is that com­press­ing resources takes time, which could out­weigh the gains from the smal­ler sizes. The ideal solu­tion is to have resources com­pressed in advance, rather than com­pressed by the http serv­er in real­time. Most of my web­sites use word­press which con­tains lots of files in plu­gins, テーマなど, so going through all of these and manu­ally com­press­ing them everytime there is an update would be imprac­tic­al. The answer is to use a script which mon­it­ors the sys­tem for file changes, and cre­ates com­pressed files as needed. Below is the script I have recently writ­ten to do exactly this.

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