0Finestre 7 empty “all programs”

I’ve been using the RC1 (7100) build of Win­dows 7 and have been largely very impressed, enough so to con­sider buy­ing upgrades for all my cur­rent PC’s. tuttavia, I recently had an issue with the “All Pro­grams” menu going blank for no obvi­ous reas­on. As usu­al a bit of dig­ging with google offered the fol­low­ing tem­por­ary work­around.

  • Right click on All Pro­grams
  • Select Open All Users
  • Delete some unused short­cuts

I’ll update this post if more inform­a­tion becomes avail­able from Microsoft, but I expect this issue to be resolved in the final release of Win­dows 7 qualsiasi-modo.

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