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Что такое DIY Медиа Главная?

DIY Media Home is a collaboration between several people, с основным упором на домашнем кинотеатре, HiFi and Home Entertainment technology. It has grown out of the remains of “Jon’s Guides” and “Руководство Bluetooth” which were originally launched in 2002. The articles and information from those sites, along with various other musings about technology have been pulled together under one umbrella with a new focus on Home Media. Although the main focus of the site is Home Media, there is also coverage of mobile technology, general PC support, articles related to web-technologies, и, конечно, the original Руководство Bluetooth.

Кто те люди,?

Jon ScaifeThe site was designed and created by Jon Scaife. The site is currently administered by Jon Scaife and Simon Winn-Smith, with additional content being provided by Dan Hamilton. As the site expands it is likely that there will be opportunity for other authors to contribute. If you are interested in contributing or guest publishing please get in touch (см. ниже)

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Comments are open to everyone, НЕТ Войти не требуется. Some comments, including those containing links, may be held for moderation, please do not resubmit them. You can get your comment automatically approved by verifying your e-mail address. Comments are subject to moderation or removal by administrators at any time. Whilst we are not very comfortable with the idea of any censorship DIY Медиа Главная is a family friendly site – please keep comments free from any sexual references, violence & harm related material, лекарство & gambling references, incitement or discrimination, offensive language or anything else which may not be appropriate for children. Please note that we use some automated censoring of some well known offensive words and phrases. If you see any that have somehow made their way onto the site, or if you see something incorrectly censored please let us know. Thanks.

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This site is supported financially by Google Adsense, amazon affiliates и viglink affiliate advertising. Adsense adverts are in shown on each page and in the sidebar. Amazon and viglink links are shown in green text. We selected these advertising platforms are they provide relevant ads and because we believe they are relatively unobtrusive. Amazon links are also used to provide further information and reviews of products. Please disable your adblocker on our site – to read more about why please read Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you loveIf you use an adblocker you will be nagged about it!

If you would like to help support our continued existence please use the paypal donate option below. Donations will be used first and foremost to pay our VPS, DNS, CDN and domain names. Anything above and beyond this will be used to source products to review or for a beer for the writers!  Спасибо за Вашу поддержку.

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We politely request that you don’t “hotlink” to any files hosted here. Afterall – we have to fund the host­ing, and people who use hotlinks wont ever click on the ads or make the dona­tions that help keep us oper­a­tional. We operate hotlink detection code which notifies the visitor that they have used a hotlink.

Обновления сайта

Since we track all changes and tweaks made to the site anyway, we decided to make this a public Обновления сайта Вход так что люди могут видеть, когда мы исправили ошибки сайта. For most people this is probably of little interest, but if you want to know how we fixed a particular bug this is the place to look – it might be relevant to your own site.

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Rather than having a “blog roll” displayed on every page we have a dedicated page for sites that we recommendRest assured – none of these sites are sponsored links – they’re there because we visit them regularly.