什么是 DIY 媒体主页?

DIY Media Home is a col­lab­or­a­tion between sev­er­al people, 与主要侧重于家庭影院, HiFi and Home Enter­tain­ment tech­no­logy. It has grown out of the remains of “Jon’s Guides” and “蓝牙指南” which were ori­gin­ally launched in 2002. The art­icles and inform­a­tion from those sites, along with vari­ous oth­er mus­ings about tech­no­logy have been pulled togeth­er under one umbrella with a new focus on Home Media. Although the main focus of the site is Home Media, 也有覆盖移动技术, gen­er­al PC sup­port, art­icles related to web-tech­no­lo­gies, 当然, the ori­gin­al 蓝牙指南.


Jon ScaifeThe site was designed and cre­ated by Jon Scaife. The site is cur­rently admin­istered by Jon Scaife and Simon Winn-Smith, with addi­tion­al con­tent being provided by Dan Hamilton. As the site expands it is likely that there will be oppor­tun­ity for oth­er authors to con­trib­ute. If you are inter­ested in con­trib­ut­ing or guest pub­lish­ing please get in touch (见下文)


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注释是向所有人开放, 没有需要登录. 有些意见, 包括那些含有链接, 可等待审查, 请不要重新提交. You can get your com­ment auto­mat­ic­ally approved by veri­fy­ing your e‑mail address. Com­ments are sub­ject to mod­er­a­tion or remov­al by admin­is­trat­ors at any time. Whilst we are not very com­fort­able with the idea of any cen­sor­ship DIY 媒体主页 a fam­ily friendly site — please keep com­ments free from any sexu­al ref­er­ences, 暴力 & harm related mater­i­al, 药 & 赌博引用, 煽动或歧视, 冒犯性的语言或其他任何可能不适合于子女. Please note that we use some auto­mated cen­sor­ing of some well known offens­ive words and phrases. If you see any that have some­how made their way onto the site, or if you see some­thing incor­rectly cen­sored please let us know. Thanks.

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由于我们跟踪到现场做反正所有的变化和调整, 我们决定把这个公开 网站更新日志 使人们可以看到,当我们固定的网站错误. 对于大多数人来说,这可能是兴趣不大, but if you want to know how we fixed a par­tic­u­lar bug this is the place to look — it might be rel­ev­ant to your own site.


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