已知问题 / work cur­rently in pro­gress

  • 更新所有旧的帖子使用前和代码标签
  • 需要做一些严肃的标签重组 - 太多的标签都在使用
  • 重建所有网站图示等
  • 调整对多重页面下一个和上一个按钮, 和定制他们的meta描述和标题给谷歌
  • Fix all down­load page links to drop­box
  • Mon­it­or pro­gress of HTTP/3, QUIC, RusTLS, e‑SNI, JPEG-加大码


  • Changed back­ground trans­par­ency set­tings (used in this theme on oth­er sites).
  • Cre­ated css to enable respons­ive images and iframes with aspect ratio respec­ted.
  • Fixed minor visu­al issue with pop­u­lar vis­it num­bers.


  • 删除一些多余的 JS 从主题.
  • Removed jquery migrate by modi­fy­ing plu­gin.
  • Added below fold styles to head­er pre­load.
  • Updated WPP plu­gin with new ver­sion that does­n’t have inline JS 现在一切都通过了CSP
  • Star­ted work to replace out-dated tab­ber-tabs plu­gin with much light­er code
  • Fully replaced wp-cron with sys­tem cron


  • 迁移到新 VPS 更快更安全.
  • 修复了广告脚本错误.
  • 删除了一些内联 CSS 可以放在样式表中. Wait­ing for fix for bet­ter com­ments plu­gin.
  • Added CSP report only on top of exist­ing CSP to mon­it­or oth­er things that can be improved
  • 向CSP添加了表单策略
  • Replaced out­dated syn­tax high­light­er plu­gin with new plu­gin


  • 新增打印 CSS to remove wid­gets, head­er etc from prin­ted pages.
  • Resolved and doc­u­mented fix to word­press updates pro­gress.
  • Tweaked head­er code and file­names to make logo image dis­play more intu­it­ive.


  • Removed some unneeded html attrib­utes to improve val­id­a­tion
  • Removed nginx help­er plu­gin as it made updat­ing posts take a long time. Nginx cache plu­gin can do the same thing


  • 对不按去除 CSS zoom set­ting
  • Dis­abled font-awe­some in STCR plu­gin
  • Removed some unnec­cesary roles in HTML
  • Removed some old vendor spe­cif­ic css resets which don’t appear to be needed
  • Dis­abled WP Typo­graphy set­ting that gen­er­ates inline CSS Safari浏览器
  • Dis­abled WP Typo­graphy set­ting that gen­er­ates extra javas­cript that isn’t needed


  • Con­tent Secur­ity Policy breaks the word­press visu­al edit­or but­ton — fixed
  • Made all cook­ies secure
  • Tweaked and re-enabled con­tent secur­ity policy


  • 收拾 CSS files so there are only unmini­fied files to edit and these are auto mini­fied and com­pressed
  • Sim­pli­fied and tidied up ad load­ing code
  • Added check for track­ing pro­tec­tion block­ing ads
  • Made ads dis­play a little neat­er
  • Added cus­tom func­tion to fix word­press send­ing mail via SMTP 所以它不再被标记为垃圾邮件
  • InPro­gress: Fix­ing amazon product embeds have image blocked
  • InPro­gress: Social Login plu­gin too out of date to be use­ful
  • InPro­gress: Test­ing fix for word­press updates not show­ing pro­gress


  • 更换的jQuery 1 使用jQuery 3
  • Fixed bug in javas­cript code — replaced (窗口).负载(功能()) 同 (窗口).上(“load”, func­tion())
  • Added lazy­load­ing for images to save band­width for mobile vis­it­ors
  • Dis­abled ewww show­ing unres­ized images
  • Added Secur­i­ty­Po­licy head­er. Still need to check on inline javas­cript ref­er­ences and remove as many as pos­sible.


  • 更新 的PHP
  • Fixed bug in syn­tax high­light­er plu­gin, 谢谢 crunch­i­fy
  • Fixed a small num­ber of minor issues thanks to health-check plu­gin
  • Removed leg­acy pack­ages from serv­er (lib­brotli, 阿帕奇, 老PHP)
  • Made some changes to cach­ing on serv­er: 除去APC; 启用opcache和Redis的


  • Removed point­less type attrib­ute from script and style tags.
  • Removed incor­rect async from inline script.
  • Removed unneeded guten­berg css.
  • Tweaks plu­gin css remov­al pri­or­ity.
  • Turned the stat­ic gzip and brotli script into a ser­vice with info from stack­ex­change


  • 启用TCP快速打开.
  • Enabled reuse­port.
  • Added serv­er push for first time vis­it­ors, using a cook­ie to check if vis­it­or has been before.


  • Switched jquery back to loc­al ver­sion. Acu­ally faster over­all, avoids com­pat­ib­il­ity issues, and pre­vents google using it as a track­ing tool.
  • Con­firmed pre­vi­ous fix to plu­gin updates is work­ing well.
  • Removed script async and defer for edit­ors — func­tion­al­ity is more import­ant than speed for edit­ors
  • Fixed bug with com­ment email veri­fic­a­tion on line 205 — made func­tion stat­ic


  • Fixed issue with CORS block­ing access to google recaptcha (SRI plu­gin also adds crossorigin=“anonymous” which is a prob­lem. Tweaked plu­gin and excluded recaptcha in case it comes back)


  • Removed con­fus­ing (and out­dated) Pragma head­er
  • Fixed code injec­tion bug in “Sub­scribe to com­ments reloaded” by prop­erly san­it­ising email
  • 在修正错误 404 page and added addi­tion­al CSRF pro­tec­tion
  • Tweaked serv­er to make sure extra head­ers are always added, includ­ing to 40x responses


  • 新增节骨眼 404 sub­mis­sion field to pre­vent CSRF attack
  • 不要缓存的robots.txt
  • 更新到Word,按下 5


  • Secur­ity head­ers added
  • Extra word­press harden­ing with Sucuri
  • 返回 444 对于XML-RPC, readme.html文件, LICENSE.TXT, 在子文件夹和PHP文件
  • Fixed some php warn­ings from new­er ver­sion (needed ’ marks around vari­ables)
  • Blocked User enu­mer­a­tion using the REST API
  • Added cook­ie set­tings to php to reduce CSRF risks


  • Fin­ished enabling all fea­tures from Octo­ber
  • Removed serv­er head­er inform­a­tion
  • 要更新 的PHP 7.2
  • 切换到有损 PNG com­pres­sion to enhance site speed
  • Star­ted addi­tion of secur­ity head­ers (看 SecurityHeaders.com)


  • 开关 DNS pro­viders to increase speed and enable new fea­tures (DNSSEC)
  • Enable use of wild­card cer­ti­fic­ate for all sub­do­mains
  • Enable dual cer­ti­fic­ates (ECDSA和RSA) via cert­bot and acme.sh. 看到 这里


  • 启用 TLS 通过nginx的,更V1.3
  • Enabled block­ing of brute force login attempts via nginx. 看到 这里 更多
  • Removed login lock­down plu­gin as the above replaces it
  • TLS false start was already work­ing so no need to con­fig­ure TLS 1.3 为了那个原因
  • nginx does­n’t sup­port 0‑RTT yet, and there are pos­sible secur­ity implic­a­tions any­way
  • Fixed trans­posh to use en_GB by default (see “I am using the flag inter­face” on the trans­posh 常问问题)
  • Fixed mixed con­tent issue caused by “bet­ter recent com­ments” plu­gin by reset­ting all instances
  • Added 2‑step authen­tic­a­tion for added secur­ity and tidied up login screen


  • Replaced word­press 廉价芒的cron with prop­er cronjobs to help site speed.
  • Fixed a couple of minor php bugs that were gen­er­at­ing logs
  • Increased php work­ers as lim­it was being hit and plenty of memory spare


  • Added extra head­ers to pre­vent con­tent load­ing in frames and XSS stuff
  • Enabled Cer­ti­fic­ate Trans­par­ency (执行此刻不)


  • Fixed com­ment­ing bug caused by file_get_contents being used by the captcha sys­tem.
  • Switched mail send­ing to use gmail smtp serv­ers to avoid issues with spam, 由于DMARC失败 (按照 本指南)


  • Moved sev­er­al scripts to foot­er to help ensure they run after jquery


  • Updated gravatar cache func­tion to use avatars from google as well.
  • jquery link uses integ­rity so can­’t be pre­loaded at the moment, see this art­icle


  • Added SRI ref­er­ence for jquery
  • Will switch to nginx with dynam­ic mod­ules once more repos are avail­able — will then include pagespeed mod­ule along with exist­ing brotli mod­ule already in use
  • TLSv1.3 sup­port should auto­mat­ic­ally kick in once OpenSSL 1.1.1 becomes avail­able as a pack­age
  • Using a plu­gin to auto­mat­ic­ally optim­ise data­base to speed up page loads for non-cached resources
  • Removed unused data­base tables left by old plu­gins
  • Recon­figured and reoptim­ised cach­ing and set­tings for both mysql and php (includ­ing php opcache)


  • Re-enabled pre­load­ing now that browsers sup­port it with updated syn­tax
  • 将使 HTTP PUSH in April once nginx get sup­port


  • Updated edit_custom_walker.php from the plu­gin “sweet cus­tom menu” to fix php errors. 行 18, 27 and 39 mod­i­fied, 基于对意见 这个线程
  • Tweaked php-fpm con­fig­ur­a­tion to increase max_packet_size
  • 升级 的PHP ver­sion to improve per­form­ance and secur­ity
  • Fixed vari­ous minor php warnings/errors to reduce php-fpm log writ­ing
  • Tweaked con­fig to lim­it num­ber of post revi­sions


  • Upgraded nginx to sup­port a range of new tech­no­lo­gies
  • Reduced num­ber of cipher suites sup­por­ted to improve secur­ity, 并加快 TLS nego­ti­ation
  • Using brotli to cre­ate com­pressed brotli resources to speed up page load­ing
  • Com­press­ing gzip resources using zop­fli for smal­ler gzip com­pat­ible files
  • 调整了 DNS 条目添加额外域, 删除未使用的域名, 并删除旧的电子邮件访问 VPS 知识产权 地址
  • 启用 DNS CAA记录


  • Updated OpenSSL to enable sup­port for ALPN
  • Added sup­port for HSTS pre­load­ing
  • Ready for CAA record when Route53 sup­ports it
  • No serv­er push in nginx yet
  • Not enabling cer­ti­fic­ate trans­par­ency due to com­plex­ity


  • Set cray­on syn­tax high­light­er and social-login to defer instead of async to fix jquery issues
  • 调整了 HTML 修复 3 验证错误
  • 调整了 HTML to address a warn­ing about sub­op­tim­al use of semant­ic sec­tions
  • 修正不正确的档案页 7 搜索水库和害羞; ULTS页
  • Fixed prob­lem with titles where input fields for yoast had some­how gained a hid­den inval­id char­ac­ter which was inval­id
  • Fixed code sur­round­ing social-net­work login but­tons for com­ments, 作为 HTML was inval­id
  • 修正了一个 错误代码 子与害羞;文士COM和害羞; ments重载这引起了VAL与害羞; ID&害羞; A&害羞;化错误
  • 固定公开与害羞;图VAL与害羞; ID&害羞; A&害羞;化错误


  • 调整了CAPTCHA验证码,因此只有在使用非登录用户
  • 固定INCOR&害羞;矩形菜单图标
  • 固定STYL&害羞; ING CON和害羞;圆通页
  • 删除相关文章CON&害羞;圆通页


  • 删除无验证码验证码PLU&害羞;杜松子酒和补充SYS和害羞; TEM马努和害羞;盟友COM和害羞; ments - 因此它可以DIS和害羞,只适用于非登录用户打


  • 加入谷歌没有验证码验证码为 404 子与害羞; MIS与害羞;锡安的形式和反对与害羞;圆通形式
  • 病急乱投医 404 子与害羞; MIS与害羞;锡安形式
  • CRE与害羞; ated现场选项键的验证码键等
  • Dropped google ana­lyt­ics — it isn’t being used enough to jus­ti­fy the pri­vacy inva­sion asso­ci­ated with it
  • 不再预取 JS 这是在高昂着头任何与害羞的方式 - 没有好处与害羞;散客显示
  • 套头获得的Facebook应用程序ID, face­book admins and google pub­lish­er val­ues from set­tings page rather than hard­coded


  • 风格融为一体&害羞;包换列表
  • 风格CON和害羞;圆通形式


  • Fin­ished tweak­ing menu style and pos­i­tions
  • moved back to loc­al­cur­rency from world­cur­rency


  • Replaced com­ment e‑mail veri­fic­a­tion with the new google no captcha recaptcha
  • Removed a couple more plu­gins
  • Fix Google ads still using non https script and called in the foot­er rather than async in the head


  • 后 1 year of slow pro­gress the site has been suc­cess­fully migrated to a new VPS
  • New serv­er uses secure-HTTP (TLS), SPDY是HTTP2.0准备就绪
  • Ditched Var­nish cache as it causes too many prob­lems.
  • CSS and JS 资源预gzip压缩. Web­serv­er only gzips html.
  • 所有页面速度指标都大大提高
  • 从地上爬起来重建主题. Few­er requests are made, CSS 被分成的上方和下方折. JS 文件大多是异步, 但jQuery的的是延迟
  • 插件的数量减少, 一些FUNC&害羞;化与害羞;人与害羞;性已建成的主题
  • 的WebP图片现在有助于Chrome用户皮草与害羞;疗法提高网站速度
  • Moved bread­crumbs to side­bar which is much tidi­er
  • 找到更好的方法来调整用于填充侧边栏插件的输出. 这些都是干净的,并会生存插件更新
  • 移动PageSpeed​​比分是以上 90.
  • 减少了图像压缩设置,以确保大图像不要上传超时
  • 添加插件 JS 以主题. 所有的jQuery的依赖脚本的工作,因为他们被延迟. Oth­er scripts are asynced


  • 固定的问题与意见电子邮件验证邮件将垃圾邮件文件夹
  • 慢固定 VPS 由于磁盘已满
  • 更新下来&害羞;网页加载
  • 升级到Word和害羞;新闻 4
  • Fixed backup fail­ures


  • Added trans­la­tion options into mul­tiple lan­guages
  • Cus­tom­ised the icons on the word­press sub­menu


  • Restored related posts but­tons.
  • Added shar­ing but­tons to the side­bar.
  • Tweaked the way ad javas­cript works to speed up page load­ing.
  • 在主页上Speed​​得分是99,现在是YSlow的98.职位分数 95 and 91.
  • 移动pagespeed分数 80 and 77. Only sug­ges­tion would require rewrit­ing CSS to use as little as pos­sible.
  • 在首页下的负载 1 第二.
  • 进行更改后,它似乎工作最好的,如果W3TC被禁用,重新启用一切后.
  • 恢复自定义 404 页面和增强它的风格
  • 固定relevanssi不被停用和重新激活更新索引 - 搜索现在得到改善


  • Fixed vari­ous meta tags. Code is still val­id HTML5 and both face­book and twit­ter now val­id­ate open­graph tags.
  • Sub­mit­ted request approv­al to twit­ter for twit­ter cards
  • Used cus­tom func­tion to gen­er­ate excerpt since this can­’t be done out­side the loop using built-in func­tions any­more
  • 使用自定义设计RESPONS-IVE谷歌广告
  • Restored last para­graph on posts invit­ing people to com­ment


  • 更新 VPS and tweaked set­tings to improve var­nish per­form­ance


  • 通过调整清漆配置通过cookie和通过调整nginx的配置为使用正确的端口固定的社交登录.
  • Finally got cook­ie-free CDN work­ing cor­rectly with no prob­lems
  • MOD-I-田间社交登录使用 CSS sprites. Details are on the word­press 燮,港址 社会登录

28-十一月 - 13

  • 去掉WordPress的热门帖子,现在流行的Widget可以收集数据和管理 2 instances. Will reduce the amount of javas­cript and CSS 需要
  • MOD-I-田间 WP-Mini­fy to put Javas­cript slightly lower in the head­er and enabled mini­fy­ing of JS
  • 从谷歌的CDN加载jQuery的尽可能多的用户将可能有它缓存, and CDNs are good any­way
  • 调整了一些更加丰富剪断宠条目
  • PageSpeed score for homepage and nor­mal pages is A rated for both desktop and mobile. YSlow for homepage and posts on both desktop and mobile is a rated a B.

23-十一月 - 13

  • 造成WP - 社会 - 登录固定的HTML5错误插入 <风格> ele­ment. Added the fol­low­ing to functions.php
  • 固定的WP - 社会 - 登录图标排列,通过改变其中的设置,包括一些HTML代码...
  • 加入先前样式的注释形式,使它看起来不错
  • 添加了大量的结构化数据, mostly schema.org microdata but also hAt­om micro­formats and some RDFa for face­book and twit­ter


  • 升级到Word,按 3.7
  • Using wp-mini­fy to com­bine and mini­fy css and mini­fy html
  • Mod­i­fied google ana­lyt­ics code to lim­it it to primary domain and exclude sub­do­mains ahead of enabling cook­ie free CDN


  • 对于在本地缓存上Gravatar自定义代码 - 因此没有发出请求以在页面加载的服务器的gravatar, only on com­ment sub­mit. Gravatars are updated with a cron job
  • Fixed strange error with set­ting com­ment par­ent where exist­ing value would be lost. Had to use a data­base query instead of get_metadata()
  • Cor­rec­ted my own e‑mail address on some older com­ments, 所以它是一致的,因为我做的所有的评论现在
  • 调整了RESPONS - 香港专业教育学院 CSS so low res screens don’t get the menu images or the wid­gets
  • Re-added styl­ing for com­ments by post authors. Might change this to be by ‘users’

21-十月 - 13 - 主题的新版本

  • New theme is respons­ive and mobile first so much bet­ter for mobile devices with small screens and lower band­width con­nec­tions
  • 子MIT-泰德字按 对TRAC FEA-TURE要求 to make strip_shortcodes accept an option­al value . If it’s accep­ted then will try to get pop­u­lar-posts plu­gin updated to make use of it
  • 新的主题是使用较少的内置 CSS 这应该降低的大小 CSS 并使其成为最小-IM-ISED开箱即装即用, rather than by a plu­gin
  • 调整了所有小部件的样式,因此它们具有相同的风格
  • No hard­coded addresses in theme — using word­press func­tions so theme can be used with oth­er sites.
  • 更换 HTML COM-与目 的PHP 评论这是由自动删除 的PHP 亲cessor, 导致ing到SMaL公司-LER HTML 文件被发送到浏览器
  • Updated some head­er code to provide bet­ter meta-data for face­book, TWIT-TER等
  • 使用内置的菜单类风格WordPress支持, so chan­ging menu order does­n’t mess up all the menu images
  • 返回。ICO的网站图标作为可以有 16 和32PX图像它, and big­ger aren’t really needed. 32px is high enough for HiDPI devices at the moment. Also reduces num­ber of png links in head­er — which reduces num­ber of HTTP 请求和删除的代码几百个字节
  • 使用微代替 (或以及) 微格式现在,谷歌, 冰, 雅虎等已商定的微观数据
  • Val­id­ates against HTML5 spec now it is final­ised and not a mov­ing tar­get
  • 一种新的COL-我们的方案梳洗东西.
  • 适当地组织和评述了各种自定义功能中的functions.php
  • 调整在functions.php文件,而不是在每一个模板文件主要是做, 所以只 1 有地方要编辑
  • Edit to Render.php of Ulti­mate Tag Cloud Wid­get to pre­vent it fail­ing val­id­a­tion. Just com­ment out lines 331–333. SUG-GES-泰德选项开发商.
  • Tweaked the wid­gets so they show short­er snip­pets and take up a bit less height
  • Replaced change to Word­Press-Pop­u­lar-Posts below with sim­pler mod which degrades more grace­fully when plu­gin is updated. 使用内置的自定义 HTML 使几性和作出 1 很简单的编辑到WordPress的流行,posts.php通过增加一个额外的行...
    $拇指= get_the_post_thumbnail( url_to_postid($固定链接), “骨头,拇指40', 排列('类'=> “WPP-缩略图”) );
    <那><A HREF ="{网址}">{拇指}<b>{text_title}</b><BR />{摘抄}</一></那>


  • 出中间人ing邮件被固定的预VI - 显然, date unlogged. Needs con­firm­a­tion though
  • Refixed Word­Press-Pop­u­lar-Posts to match style of Pop­u­lar-Posts. Only 1 编辑需要WordPress的流行,posts.php线 1254
    $内容。= "<那>{$拇指}<A HREF = "{$固定链接}\" 标题= "{$标题}\" 类= "WPP-后标题" TARGET = "".$这 - >user_ops中['工具'][“链接”][“目标”]."\">{$title_sub}</一> {$摘抄}<跨度类= "后统计">{$统计}</跨度>{$等级}</那>" . "\Ñ";

    $内容。= "<那><A HREF = "{$固定链接}\" 标题= "{$标题}\" 类= "WPP-后标题" TARGET = "".$这 - >user_ops中['工具'][“链接”][“目标”]."\">". get_the_post_thumbnail( url_to_postid($固定链接), “骨头,拇指40', 排列('类'=> “WPP-缩略图”) ) . "{$title_sub}</一> {$摘抄}<跨度类= "后统计">{$统计}</跨度>{$等级}</那>" . "\Ñ";


  • Added styl­ing for author com­ments
  • Added a word­press cat­egory
  • 固定 CSS 通过添加缺少右浮动和删除行高从normalize.css设置并应用它只是在内容部分,而不是身体的缺陷与搜索表单


  • Fixed bug with anti-adb­lock­er code on down­loads page caus­ing all links to get mod­i­fied incor­rectly


  • 附加的 to make edit­ing the par­ent of a com­ment easi­er. Then used it to fix vari­ous com­ments which did­n’t have par­ents but should have had.


  • 修正了错误 CSS styles which caused extern­al link icon to be shown for files on CDN
  • Fixed minor bug with google ads dis­play


  • Fixed miss­ing notice on adb­lock­ing
  • 修补了谷歌广告的Optim-ISE他们, 并减少他们如何obtrus-IVE是
  • Added code to dis­play a mes­sage to adb­lock­ers when they down­load files. Down­load­ing is still pos­sible, 它只是 1 额外的唠叨


  • 修正了在W3TC微小错误造成 404 错误 (非常感谢 博提Kalimuthu)
  • Fixed bug with reply to com­ments — by using prop­er word­press com­ments func­tion instead of writ­ing my own form — details avail­able in 这篇文章.


  • 改变广告是如何使用更有效的插入 的PHP 更快的页面加载ING (请登录http://www.transformationpowertools.com / WordPress的/的AdSense-AD-AT-多标签倍)
  • Removed sev­er­al redund­ant plu­gins: WP-Mini­fy and 5 oth­er minor plu­gins (Dean的固定链接行板,它, 健康检查, 高光作者COM的目, 热修复, 长期满年龄换货工具)
  • Replaced Jet­Pack with Slim Jet­Pack
  • 更新字 - 按核心和 15 plu­gins
  • Ongo­ing migra­tion to new VPS with fol­low­ing improve­mentsVar­nish cache in front of web serv­er, APC CACH-ing与 的PHP, MySQL的CACH-ING由MySQL
  • 赌注,ter迷你FIC-A式发动机: CSS Tidy and Clos­ure Com­piler
  • 再压缩,各种图像现在EWWW是否正常工作与压缩工具最新版本.


  • 调整一对夫妇的形式使用新的HTML5类型的“电子邮件”和“网址”,而不是只是文字的


  • 修正了“关于”子菜单中的图标


  • Cus­tom­ised “word­press pop­u­lar posts” so styles match “pop­u­lar posts” plu­gin. Edits to the stylesheet, 线 1124 WordPress的流行,posts.php和周围线增加了新的功能 1176.
  • 再次固定文字记者strip_shortcode_tag() bug — func­tion can­’t be over­writ­ten with fil­ter, so have to do this with every release of word­press!


  • 合并后的Facebook页面 - 新页面使用正确的名称, 拥有所有FOL-低ers完好, and is cor­rectly linked into the face­book app which enables com­ments by people with face­book accounts to bypass e‑mail veri­fic­a­tion
  • 固定网-MAS-TER工具变量项问题, 主要是通过禁用网站地图对一些没有用的附件页.
  • Fixed a few minor rich snip­pets errors — pub­lish­er snip­pet not on all pages and pages (没有帖子) 错过ING 2 丰富的剪断宠标记件


  • Tweaked styles of com­ment form sub­stan­tially — now much more like the nice form used by jet­pack com­ments
  • 添加WordPress的社会评论插件 - 评论者可以使用社交网络的详细信息,以留言 - 无 3RD party serv­ers are involved so pri­vacy is main­tained
  • 更新到最新的jQuery (1.8.3)
  • 征求意见的形式添加文本框扩展脚本


  • Fixed vari­ous HTML5 code errors now HTML5 spec is final­ised
  • HTML5的固定误差yoast面包屑多亏了 SUP口螺纹
  • 加入面包屑的页面,以及文章


  • 添加缩略图类型图像的网页,以及职位
  • Added a “most pop­u­lar this month” wid­get
  • CUS-TOM-ISED的“MYS计算电池的男人”化身
  • Updated and retweaked wp-auto-affil­i­ate-links
  • Tweaked styles to high­light author com­ments


  • 固定注释重定向 - 仅第一次评议重定向到感谢页面
  • Added auto­mat­ic link from first-time com­menters page to go back to pre­vi­ous art­icle


  • Replaced Syn­tax High­light­er Evolved with Cray­on Syn­tax High­light­er. This is more up to date, allows line break­ing with code copy­ing and offers a way to insert code without the edit­or mangling it


  • 更新到Word,按下 3.5
  • 修正了主菜单上的不正确的图标, 并重新排序菜单略有
  • 下降Jetpack的意见,又回到了原生的意见 - 快, and more cus­tom­is­able
  • 加入感谢您首次COM-menters页 (现在应该是工作意见的Jetpack不再使用)
  • Added Social Login to replace some of Jet­pack com­ments func­tion­al­ity — will tweak appear­ance and style over xmas hol­i­days
  • 增加了新的Facebook应用程序挂接到社交登录
  • 取代Facebook页面与新页面链接到Facebook应用程序 (必须等待 14 对于旧的页面被删除天, 前重命名打新页面)

17-十一月 - 12

  • 加入叽叽喳喳卡opengraph风格的元数据标签 - 感谢 yoast
  • 调整了 DNS 到VAL-ID-吃 (防晒指数) e‑mails sent from all A record addresses in my DNS — so mail from my web­host serv­er passes SPF checks — anoth­er yoast提示.


  • Added val­id HTML5 metadata for face­book open­graph descrip­tions for all pages
  • 更新 (和retweaked) wp auto affil­i­ate links plu­gin
  • Fixed some HTML5 val­id­a­tion errors with ulti­mate-tag-cloud-wid­get by remov­ing style tags code (通过注释掉极致 - 标签云 - widget.php线868-870)
  • 重新启用MOD-ERN-IZR


  • 更换 DNS ser­vice from regis­trar with Amazon’s “Route 53” to speed up DNS 并让燮,端口的SPF, DKIM & DMARC e‑mail sign­ing cap­ab­il­it­ies


  • Replaced email-to-face­book plu­gin with Hoot­Suite to auto-share con­tent to DIY­Medi­aHome Face­book page.
  • Also enabled shar­ing to DIY­Medi­aHome Google+ page with Hoot­Suite


  • 从随机上Gravatar切换到“陌生男子”标志
  • Added “most pop­u­lar of the month” wid­get
  • 更换内置的标签云有更多的可定制1 - 设置为其中出现在至少只显示标签 3 帖子
  • 设置 2 流行widget,包括页面,以及文章


  • Added rel­ev­anssi related posts when reg­u­lar related posts does­n’t find any­thing
  • Fin­ished updat­ing all of our links on down­loads page to go via anti-hot­link script
  • 额外的特性,应该用针戳穿图像所有页面 (相对于岗位) 所以他们在搜索结果中显示出来的时候更好看等.

16-十月 - 2012

  • 固定 1ST 的 2 prob­lems com­ment­ing. Incom­pat­ib­il­ity between “bad beha­viour” and “jet­pack com­ments”. Turn on “bad beha­viour” option “Allow form post­ings from oth­er web sites”.
  • 也固定 2ND 的 2 prob­lems com­ment­ing — the anti-hot­link­ing script was block­ing php links
  • 添加热链接亲TEC-tion为图像文件
  • 增加了自动垃圾清理到的wp-config.php文件与“定义(“EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS”, 10 );”


  • Fixed prob­lem with admin e‑mail address
  • Updated down­loads script to deal with loc­al host and 2 mir­rors — Google­Drive and Drop­Box


  • 加入EWWW图像优化插件,以更好地压缩所有图片
  • con-想通EWWW使用PNGOUT
  • 推荐按下所有图像EWWW
  • Added suc­cess mes­sage to feed­back form sub­mis­sion
  • 添加抗僵尸测量 - URES从反馈表 404 页面表格


  • 扭捏联系我们形成更多的解决一些小的格式化问题
  • Added a honey-pot trap for bots to the con­tact us form — a hid­den field bots will com­plete but real users wont see pre­vents sub­mis­sion
  • 更改的代码剥离 HTML tags from con­tact form. Links can still be sent in plain text


  • Restored VigLink now that titles are no longer linked — thanks to Bri­an Braun­lich of viglink tech sup­port.


  • 对相关岗位调整了格式婷 404 页面
  • 通过设置溢流防止长期职称的相关岗位重叠的盒子: hid­den;
  • 收拾了con-机智我们页面的表单


  • Tweaked the wp-auto-affil­i­ates-plu­gin so that instead of enter­ing full URLs in the admin page only the product code is needed. Edit to line 326 在URL的其余部分有添加
  • Tri­al replace­ment of con­di­tion­al-captcha with “bad beha­viour” plu­gin as captcha isn’t user friendly or access­ible
  • 添加代码,以防止垃圾邮件的注入通过联系表格, 404 诺蒂-FIC-A重刑形式.


  • 更换内置的搜索与relevanssi有按相关日期没有更好的匹配结果和对结果的
  • 补充指,RER页通知-A-tion到 404 错误提交表单,所以当用户提交一个破碎的地址,我可以看到那里的传入链接

30-八月 - 2012

  • Reor­gan­ised the “about page” by break­ing it into sev­er­al sub­pages. Added info about hot­links, 客人职位和一个网志目录
  • 替换为注释提交表单内置的WordPress的其中一个 (通过喷气包) 允许评论者通过社交网路帐号登录

18-八月 - 2012

  • 修正了一些错误与con-机智的形式
  • 的Cre-ATED新 404 与相关的职位页面和一个错误提交表单

12-八月 - 2012

  • Set up drop­box account and set Back­WPUP to sync backups to drop­box as an off-host backup. These are then also synced onto home serv­er as an extra meas­ure

26-六月 - 2012

  • 固定 与缩略语PLU-杜松子酒的bug 通过改变DOCTYPE声明中的header.php
  • 固定 HTML有效性问题与流行的小部件 由repla - 庆跨度与div的
  • 固定 在弹出的U-LAR WID-get的小错误 空间不是COM-MAS每使用 3 digits in large num­bers
  • 统计替换选项 (和Jet包) 通过硬编码 CSS 解决验证问题 - 而不是滴答选项隐藏笑脸, 把代码放到主题CSS - IMG#wpstats{显示:没有 !import­ant;}
  • 重新固定strip_shortcode_tag() 错误再次因为字压 3.4 更新
  • 关于页面上的固定subscribe2短码
  • 固定的默认博客地址匹配域名
  • 的Cre-ATED 的PHP 重定向到Google云端硬盘文件绕过提示
  • 实现防盗链,并添加盗链资料,关于页面

17-六月 - 2012

  • Mul­tiple author entries for Jon’s com­ments merged and author inform­a­tion updated to be con­sist­ent