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5BluetoothРуководство Bluetooth

Исправление проблем

Исправление проблем

Проблемы драйвера

Это не сработало: Первые вещи для двойной проверки

  • If you have an icon in the system tray that is white on a blue background ( Bluetooth Tray Icon ) then you should skip the information on this pageyour driver is correctly installed already!
  • Check that you followed the preparation instructions correctly.
  • Double check that you didn’t make any mistakes in the main procedure.
  • If running the patcher produced an error, reboot into safemode and run the patcher again
  • If you weren’t logged on as a user with Administrator rights, try the procedure again with an account that does
  • If you have anti-virus software running disable it and retry the procedure
  • If you have a firewall installed on your PC make sure that the Widcomm Bluetooth software has unrestricted accessremember, Bluetooth is a networking technology!
  • Если вы используете ноутбук / notebook with an Internal device that came with proprietary software, read the Internal devices section.
  • If you didn’t reboot after running the patcher, пожалуйста, сделайте это сейчас

Приведенный выше список не помог, и устройство является картой PC (PCMCIA)

Some PC Cards are a little tricky to locate a driver for. Прочтите раздел Карты для ПК.

Он по-прежнему не работает

It is possible that Windows installed another driver for you device (например, драйвер Microsoft) instead of the Widcomm driver. Read the Manual Install section.

Он по-прежнему не работает, и устройство является USB устройство и не указано в разделе Устройства Испытано

It is possible that your device is not included in the list of devices that the drivers can recognise by default. Читайте новый USB Раздел устройств.

Он по-прежнему не работает

  • Try removing everything Bluetooth related from the computer, and try the procedure right through from the beginning again.
  • Читайте F.A.Q.

Миссисипи Устройства ввода

Intelli-Drivers беспорядок Microsoft

Many people have advised me to avoid IntelliType 5.0 and IntelliPoint 5.0 водители, как чума. К сожалению, установка драйверов Intelli от Microsoft Компакт-диск установит драйверы Microsoft Bluetooth, which break the Widcomm driver installation. Without the Intelli drivers you will not be able to use the extra buttons on your keyboard or mouse. Решение? Установите старый драйвер Intelli! All the other wireless keyboards and mice produced by Microsoft have the same or very similar additional keys to the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

Где получить старые драйверы Intelli

Найти их на [ Загрузки ] страница

Внутренние устройства

Ноутбук с проприетарным программным обеспечением

Some laptops require their own software installed as well as the Widcomm drivers. Тошиба, and Sony both produce Bluetooth enabled laptops that have a software “переключатель” to disable or enable Bluetooth. If your device isn’t detected after the main installation you may need to install the original software.

Установка проприетарного программного обеспечения Bluetooth от Toshiba

  • Download the Toshiba Bluetooth Monitor software from Toshiba 4.18 Мб
  • Extract the Toshiba software to a temporary folder and copy the following files to the following locations:
Blutooth.INFС:\Toshiba MS_Bluetooth
Readme1st.TXTС:\Toshiba MS_Bluetooth
BTH_OOBC.DLLС:\Toshiba MS_Bluetooth
BLUTOOTH.CATС:\Toshiba MS_Bluetooth
BtMonInst.exeС:\Toshiba MS_Bluetooth
Q323183_WXP_SP2_X86_ENU.EXEС:\Toshiba MS_Bluetooth ENU
  • Открыто “Device Manager”, and uninstall all of the Toshiba Bluetooth Devices which can be found in the “Bluetooth”, “USB”, “Порты”, Вордпресс “Network” разделы.
  • Использование “Add/Remove Programsto uninstall the Toshiba Bluetooth software
  • перезагружать
  • Run C:\Toshiba MS_Bluetooth BtMonInst.exe
  • Right click on the Bluetooth Monitor in the system tray, и выберите “Power > ON
  • Windows should now install Devices. Your Bluetooth System Tray should turn white.

If the system tray doesn’t turn blue and white you may still have a Toshiba / Драйвер Microsoft установлен. You should read the Manual Install section.

Руководство по установке

Руководство по установке драйверов

The manual driver installation should only be attempted after the Widcomm software has been installed. The description below describes how to replace the Microsoft driver with the Widcomm driver. If the Microsoft driver isn’t present you will not be able to complete the following procedure. If you have a PC Card you should have already read the PC Cards section. The method for doing a manual driver update is different on different versions of Windows, please use the procedure that corresponds to your version of Windows

Windows XP / 2003 заставили руководство по установке драйвера

  1. Open the system control panel, and in the “аппаратные средства” таб, и нажмите “Device Manager
  2. Разверните “Bluetooth Radiossection of the device list
  3. There might be aMicrosoft Bluetooth Enumeratorand another device listed
  4. Double click on the other device, and in the “водитель” таб, нажмите на “обновить драйвер”
  5. Выбрать “Install from a list or specific location
  6. Выбрать “Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install
  7. Нажмите на “Have disk
  8. Type in “С:\Drivers\Win\BDCACT
  9. Нажмите кнопку ОК
  10. Там должен быть 1 одно устройство в списке
  11. Нажмите "Далее
  12. Нажмите кнопку ОК
  13. The system tray icon should now be white & синий. Если это не так, перезагрузите компьютер.


My PC Card не найти драйвер

  • Возможно, вы осуществляете часть 10 основных инструкций?
  • Have you read the Manual Driver Installation instructions?
  • Если у вас есть PC Card 3Com, см. ниже

У меня есть PC Card 3Com

I have a custom driver file available for version 3 на PC Card 3Com. Download it from the Загрузки page and save it to the main installation folder (С:\Drivers WIN BDCACT ). If you have a version 2 карта, I do not currently know a method of installing these. A firmware update may be possible.

новый USB приборы

Мой USB Device wasn’t found

каждый USB Устройство имеет VID (Производитель И.Д.) и PID (Код товара.). If your device wasn’t found it is possible that it’s ID is not listed in the Widcomm driver. The Widcomm drivers will only install for devices they recognise, and they recognise devices based on their VID and PID. The installation file btwusb.inf contains a list of USB VIDs and PIDs that the drivers will recognise. Все USB devices will work with the Widcomm stack, но идентификаторы для некоторых из них не включены с драйверами. Если устройство не включается вам нужно будет добавить.

The majority of notebooks / laptops with internal Bluetooth use an internal USB solution. If you have a notebook / laptop and are experiencing problems getting the driver working, you should read this section, even if you don’t have an actual USB донгл для подключения.

Как найти VID и PID устройства

This method will enable you to find the VID and PID for your USB Bluetooth hardware before it has a driver installed.

  • Connect your Bluetooth dongle, and let Windows add it as anUnknown device
  • Открыто “system informationfrom start/programs/accessories/system tools/system information
  • расширять “Components
  • Выбрать “USB
  • Locate the device in the list
  • It will have an ID in the following form: USB\VID_XXXX&PID_YYYY ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  • Запишите в VID (XXXX) и PID (гггг)

Как обновить драйвер с VID и PID из вашего USB Dongle

This service is no longer functional, Прости

  • Заполните форму ниже с деталями устройства.
  • After you have successfully submitted your device details, щелкните правой кнопкой мыши >here and selectsave target as”.
  • Save the file into the installation directory (С:\Drivers WIN BDCACT ). Overwrite the old file.
  • Удалите свой USB Dongle.
  • Restart Windows.
  • Повторно вставьте ключ.
  • If Windows prompts you for a driver, указать его на C:\Drivers WIN BDCACT
  • If you are not prompted for a driver and the system tray icon remains red you may need to start the installation procedure again from the beginning using the new file.
New device ID’s submissionPlease only submit новый AT / Комбинации PID!
Ваше имя: AT: PID: Имя устройства:

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Как удалить драйвера Widcomm

The Widcomm drivers should have a normal add/remove option in the control panel, regardless of who supplied them. If your installation has become damaged, and for some reason you cannot use the normal uninstallation method, the details below should help you remove the Widcomm drivers from your system.


  • Make a back-up of your system registry
  • Пробег “regsvr32 -u BtNeighborhood.dll
  • Пробег “btstackserver.exe /unregserver
  • Run regedit and delete the WIDCOMM key from HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  • Deletebt*.dll”, “btcpl.cpl”, Вордпресс “bt*.manifestfrom your system folder (this varies depending on which version of Windows you are using)

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