に続き 以前の記事, 私は、Windowsでの作業私の音楽コレクションを得る上で動作し続けてきた 7 メディアCEN-TER. 私が持っていた問題は、64ビットの選手にFLACSの再生をサポートしxiphからコーデックがありますが (この記事を参照してください。) がある (私の知る限り認識しているように) no tag extenders com­pat­ible with 64bit. After banging my head against a wall for ages I even­tu­ally had a breakthrough.

Installing the 32bit xiph codecs (altho I ima­gine the offi­cial FLAC codec and ffd­show will both work) and the tag extender WMPTagプラス 1.1 I was able to build a lib­rary, play flacs and view and edit tags in Media Play­er 32bit (but not 64bit). It seems that Media Cen­ter uses the Media Play­er engine to play music, but it does­n’t seem to mind which Media Play­er it uses. In my case the default appears to be the 64bit play­er, which could­n’t read the tags. 但し, I was able to switch this by renam­ing the 64bit play­er folder in C:PROGRAM FILES (I renamed it to Win­dows Media Play­er 64) and then copy­ing the 32bit play­er from C:\PROGRAM FILES (86) to C:\PROGRAM FILES. Since then Win­dows Media Cen­ter has hap­pily used the 32 bit Win­dows Media Play­er to play back and man­age the tags of my flacs.

Whilst this works great, in the longer term I hope someone releases a 64bit tag extender so I can return to using the 64bit play­er and being purely 64bit again.

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