DIY मीडिया होम लोगो

अपनी खुद की होम थिएटर और हाय-Fi सेटअप डिजाइन और बनाने के लिए परम साइट.

0सैमसंग गैलेक्सी S3Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘v’ Asus eeePC 901

नवीनतम फोन की तुलना में वहाँ से बाहर समीक्षा के बहुत सारे हैं, नवीनतम टैबलेट और नवीनतम पुस्तिकाओं, लेकिन बहुत कुछ पहले से कहीं ज्यादा कुछ अधिक संदर्भ 18 months old. Most people don’t upgrade their kit any­where near that fre­quently which makes the com­par­is­ons rather use­less. In the 4–5 year time­frame which is a more typ­ic­al upgrade cycle for most people there have been huge changes to the com­put­ing power available.

जून में 2008 I was asked for help to choose a device for a fam­ily mem­ber which would meet basic online and app needs whilst being as port­able as pos­sible. The Asus eeePC 700 had been released a year earli­er and the new 901 with the new Intel Atom pro­cessor had just become avail­able. It did everything required — cap­able of run­ning Win­dows XP, with wireless‑n and at around 1Kg it was just power­ful enough, and impress­ively port­able. Bat­tery life was way bey­ond any­thing else com­par­able and could only be matched by spend­ing an order of mag­nitude more.

जून तक कूद 2012 — a scant 4 years later and my mobile phone con­tract expires. After long delib­er­a­tions I even­tu­ally opted for the Sam­sung Galaxy S3 over the HTC One X. Hav­ing spet con­sid­er­able time look­ing at specs it dawned on me that super­fi­cially it had specs not all that dis­sim­il­ar to the good old eeePC. Always inter­ested in the pro­gress of these things I did a quick comparison

Asus eeePC 901Sam­sung Galaxy S3
निर्मोचन की तिथिजून-08मई-12
Screen res­ol­u­tion1024×6007201280 ×
सीपीयूDual­Thread 1.6GHzQuad­Core 1.4GHz
वायरलेस802.11n (प्रारूप)802.11n
dimen­sions225 X 165 x 35137 X 71 x 9
HDMI के उत्पादननहींहां

The specs speak for them­selves. The phone is much thin­ner, light­er and more power­ful. It comes with com­par­able stor­age and राम and has bet­ter con­nectiv­ity and a bet­ter cam­era. The eeePC is of course still much more suit­able for work­ing on word or excel doc­u­ments, लेकिन यह सब है कि खुद के लिए महान नहीं है.

I sus­pect that most eeeP­C’s were, मेरे मामले में एक की तरह, bought for basic inter­net access. Mod­ern smart­phones have made this func­tion com­pletely redund­ant. People need­ing to do ser­i­ous doc­u­ment work aren’t likely to opt for a net­book either — an ultra­book or sim­il­ar note­book is far more likely to be deemed suit­able because you just can­’t get away from need­ing a good size phys­ic­al screen and real key­board. Whilst the demise of the net­book due to tab­lets was much exag­ger­ated, I believe the mod­ern smart­phone really will put an end to the net­book mar­ket almost completely.

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