DIY وسائل الإعلام الرئيسية الشعار

الموقع النهائي لتصميم وإنشاء مسرح منزلي الخاص ومرحبا فاي الإعداد الخاصة.

0ياماها DSP-E800 شعارالحصول على الصوت نهاية عالية من جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك

لكثير من الناس, هناك أي صوت أو أي صوت, the qual­ity does­n’t really come into it. وبالنسبة لآخرين, المواصفات وحقوق المفاخرة حكم: معدلات بت, ترددات أخذ العينات, عرض النطاق الترددي, التعامل مع السلطة. وبالنسبة للكثيرين مجموعة بسيطة من المتحدثين الكمبيوتر ستفعل لطيف جدا, خاصة إذا كان هناك 6 أو أكثر منهم (أكثر هو أفضل, حق?)  ولكن ماذا تفعل إذا كنت تريد صوت رائع من جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك?  ماذا تفعل إذا كنت اوديوفيلي على الميزانية?  ماذا لو كنت تلعب ألعاب وتريد تحيط الصوت ولكن تشغيل الموسيقى من خلال نفس النظام?  هناك العديد من الخيارات، وهذا يمكن أن تحصل مكلفة للغاية ومعقدة, but it does­n’t have to.

Enter the Yamaha DSP-E800. Here’s a mod­ern clas­sic, a piece of hi-fi that is in some ways rather dated and yet seems to have no suc­cessor from Yamaha or any oth­er com­pany. I’m talk­ing about a high-end sound­ing, budget-priced sur­round pro­cessor and 3‑channel amp that has been doing the rounds for years. This is a niche mar­ket, a product that only does part of the over­all job, blend­ing into your 2‑channel sys­tem without intro­du­cing com­prom­ise. You simply con­nect the main chan­nel out­puts to your exist­ing 2‑channel amp or pre-amp and you have 5.1 chan­nel func­tion­al­ity — just add some more speak­ers and plumb into the digit­al out­put of your sound-card (it has both optic­al and coaxi­al inputs).  I per­son­ally use one with some basic 1990s book­shelf speak­ers as rears and set the centre chan­nel to “none” to allow my ste­reo speak­ers to do all the hard work. I know three oth­er people who use the Yammy — all superb setups, one very expens­ive — and none of them can even think of a way to move away from it without spend­ing the large mon­ies.

Some sound-cards won’t give you a Dolby Digit­al (nev­er mind DTS) sig­nal and mine was only on the cusp of want­ing to do this. Being the cheapest full-chip­set X‑fi avail­able when I bought it, I had to pay Cre­at­ive a few pounds to enable Dolby Digit­al Live sup­port. I’m glad I did as it works very nicely. دي في دي, large file size movies, Call of Duty and many oth­er games all work very well with this set-up. You just have to accept that you won’t be able to digit­ally stream True­HD or oth­er formats that were developed way after the Yamaha was born. To be hon­est, though, with the new­er formats (SACD, دي في دي-A, True­HD, DTS-MA…) it’s easy to sur­pass those expect­a­tions of excel­lent sound with the old ones — DD 5.1, DTS, Red­book القرص المضغوط audio etc. — if your play­back sys­tem offers suf­fi­cient fidel­ity. I have heard at least one 1990s mod­el القرص المضغوط play­er that can sur­pass sev­er­al thou­sand pound’s worth of SACD hard­ware, when play­ing equally excel­lent lay­ers of the same hybrid Linn SACD/القرص المضغوطI will say no more.

For the h******e amongst you, upgrades are more than pos­sible. Re-clock­ing, improved voltage reg­u­la­tion, bet­ter capa­cit­ors and op-amps will make the most of the DSP-E800, though I have to say it sounds great as stand­ard. In terms of 2‑channel music it’s roughly on a par with two or three hun­dred pounds’ worth of القرص المضغوط play­er when fed from some­thing like a Sound­blaster X‑Fi, though I’m quite sure most digit­al sources will work sim­il­arly well. Com­pared to the X‑fi’s ana­logue out­puts it is slightly ahead — both being in stand­ard, unmo­les­ted trim — giv­ing a pleas­ingly warm and con­cise account of your source mater­i­al, albeit with slightly con­strained dynam­ics.

So why the review of what in com­put­ing terms seems as old as the hillsWell it’s excel­lent and every time I’ve looked they’re avail­able on Ebay, some going for as little as £50.

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