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Pour plusieurs personnes, il ya soit son ou pas de son, la qualité ne vient pas vraiment en elle. Pour les autres, spécification et les droits de vantardise règle: débits, les fréquences d'échantillonnage, bande passante, power handling. For many a simple set of pc speakers will do very nicely, surtout s'il y a 6 ou plus d'entre eux (plus c'est mieux, droit?) Mais que faites-vous si vous voulez un son génial de votre ordinateur? Que faites-vous si vous êtes un audiophile sur un budget? Que faire si vous jouez à des jeux et que vous voulez le son surround, mais jouer de la musique à travers le même système? Il y a beaucoup de choix et cela pourrait devenir très coûteux et complexe, mais il n'a pas à.

Enter the Yamaha DSP-E800. Here’s a modern classic, a piece of hi-fi that is in some ways rather dated and yet seems to have no successor from Yamaha or any other company. I’m talking about a high-end sounding, budget-priced surround processor and 3-channel amp that has been doing the rounds for years. This is a niche market, a product that only does part of the overall job, blending into your 2-channel system without introducing compromise. You simply connect the main channel outputs to your existing 2-channel amp or pre-amp and you have 5.1 channel functionalityjust add some more speakers and plumb into the digital output of your sound-card (it has both optical and coaxial inputs). I personally use one with some basic 1990s bookshelf speakers as rears and set the centre channel to “aucun” to allow my stereo speakers to do all the hard work. I know three other people who use the Yammyall superb setups, one very expensiveand none of them can even think of a way to move away from it without spending the large monies.

Some sound-cards won’t give you a Dolby Digital (never mind DTS) signal and mine was only on the cusp of wanting to do this. Being the cheapest full-chipset X-fi available when I bought it, I had to pay Creative a few pounds to enable Dolby Digital Live support. I’m glad I did as it works very nicely. DVD, films de grande taille, Call of Duty and many other games all work very well with this set-up. You just have to accept that you won’t be able to digitally stream TrueHD or other formats that were developed way after the Yamaha was born. To be honest, bien que, with the newer formats (SACD, DVD-UNE, TrueHD, DTS-MA…) it’s easy to surpass those expectations of excellent sound with the old onesDD 5.1, DTS, Redbook CD audio etc. – if your playback system offers sufficient fidelity. I have heard at least one 1990s model CD player that can surpass several thousand pound’s worth of SACD hardware, when playing equally excellent layers of the same hybrid Linn SACD/CD. Je vais rien dire de plus.

Pour l'h ****** e parmi vous, upgrades are more than possible. Re-clocking, improved voltage regulation, better capacitors and op-amps will make the most of the DSP-E800, though I have to say it sounds great as standard. In terms of 2-channel music it’s roughly on a par with two or three hundred poundsworth of CD player when fed from something like a Soundblaster X-Fi, though I’m quite sure most digital sources will work similarly well. Compared to the X-fi’s analogue outputs it is slightly aheadboth being in standard, unmolested trimgiving a pleasingly warm and concise account of your source material, albeit with slightly constrained dynamics.

So why the review of what in computing terms seems as old as the hills? Well it’s excellent and every time I’ve looked they’re available on Ebay, certains allant pour aussi peu que 50 £.

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