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0编解码器完整的编解码设置指南适用于Windows 7/8

双赢DOWS 8 完成并即将推出供零售. 考虑到这一点它似乎是一个很好的时间来写一个更新的指南,以设立一个全面运作越来越编解码器 HTPC 适用于Windows 7 and 8. 在本指南中,我使用HTML5的新功能,创建可扩展指令. 在写这篇的时间只有Chrome和Safari支持 6 但希望其他浏览器将在不久的将来增加支持.

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0媒体播放器经典 - 家庭影院徽标解码隔行VC-1,DXVA

几天前 版本 - 锡永 1.6 of Media Play­er Clas­sic — Home Cinema was released. Although I don’t use MPC-HC, I do keep an eye on the releases as it can be a use­ful back-up when a file wont play. It’s been quite a long time since the last offi­cial release so I had a quick scan of the 更新日志 and one thing imme­di­ately leaped at me: “VC-1的 DXVA Decoder now decodes VC-1 inter­laced mater­i­al”. Until now there has been no open source x64 codec that will decode inter­laced VC-1. Finally hav­ing this avail­able com­pletes cov­er­age for all the media files I have ever tried to play. Hope­fully this will also get added to ffd­show try­outs and LAV Video in the near future.

0Haali的Matroska的标志Haali的媒体分配器: 官方网站下

HTPC 相关网站和资源似乎下探像此刻苍蝇。第一媒体中心演播室消失, then TheHTPC.net开发问题, 现在对于Haali的媒体分配器官方网站已关闭。幸运的是,媒体分流仍然可以从大量的下载 其他网站, 我们将在这里的情况下保持一个镜子其他网站将其删除。也有替代品, 包括 MPC-HC 独立的编解码器和LAV。链接到这些都是可以在我们的降负荷 页。让我们希望这是最后一次在最近的一系列 HTPC 相关损失.

2FFmpeg的标志FFDShow的DXVA H.264解决腐败

I have recently been suf­fer­ing cor­rup­tion play­ing back some H.264 files with FFD­Show try­outs. After a bit of exper­i­ment­ing I’ve found that the last build without this issue is build 3949 从 24-July. I pre­vi­ously had issues with earli­er releases of FFD­Show thatdidn\‘t work with DXVA at all — for­tu­nately build 3949 doesn’t suf­fer this issue. I alsopre­vi­ously had a prob­lem where some builds of FFD­Show were less effi­cient on my HTPC 均无法流畅解码一些高比特率影片, e.g. a rip of the Inglori­ous Bas­terds Blu-Ray, which has forced me to con­tin­ue to use an old build from mid-2010 until now. Build 3949 doesn’t suf­fer from these issues either — so in terms of the 3 prob­lems I’ve had over the years with ffd­show, 建 3949 doesn’t suf­fer from any of them, mak­ing it my build of choice for the fore­see­able future.

0FFmpeg的标志未解: 在媒体中心的x64解码隔行VC1

虽然我MediaPC设置可以解码刚才的一切在它抛出, 我有解码隔行VC1内容中的问题。该问题通过的ffmpeg未能支持隔行VC1引起的。虽然有其他的编解码器 (e.g. 讯连科技或虹) 这些都是当前不可用的64位。 Cyber​​link公司确实有H.264和MPEG-2的编解码器64, 但我一直没能得到它与VC1内容合作。希望的ffmpeg将尽快修复隔行支持VC1, 但由于其一直在以超过待办事项 2 多年来我没有抱着我的呼吸

0FFmpeg的标志LAV - 新分离

一个新的DirectShow分离器已经变得可用。如果你不快乐与Haali的和Gabest的祭品,那么你可能想尝试 LOW.  我还没有尝试过自己尚未, 所以我目前还不能提供任何信息。它确实提到分裂WTV文件,即使, 所以我会尝试与害羞;荷兰国际集团就在不久的将来.
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2Windows Media Center的家庭e标志全7MC编解码器设置

I’ve pre­vi­ously pos­ted sev­er­al times about codec issues on 7mc, 但我现在有一个解决方案,全面, fairly simple and works con­sist­ently. With a few free codecs and util­it­ies you can have full decod­ing sup­port, DXVA, sub­titles and fant­ast­ic flex­ib­il­ity work­ing in 64bit (或32位) Media Cen­ter. The fol­low­ing instruc­tions are spe­cif­ic to the x64 edi­tion, 但应该很好的工作于32位版本.
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Ever since set­tings up a HTPC run­ning Win7 Media Cen­ter I have had the occa­sion­al prob­lem play­ing m2ts files. ffd­show sup­ports all of the codecs used in m2ts files but still a few files play without without either audio or video, or the play­back isn’t smooth des­pite more than ample hard­ware. I have exper­i­mented extens­ively with both haali matroska split­ter and gabests mpeg split­ter 但都有自己的缺陷.
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