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Just a quick post with the details of how I improved cooling and lowered noise in my main PC simply by moving the case fans

The Процессор is a Pentium Dual Core E6300, officially a 2.80GHz part. I’m running it at 3.20GHz with a 400MHz bus. The GPU is an ATi Radeon HD4850 with a slight overclock (650MHz core, 1000MHz ОЗУ). Everything is running on normal voltages, and all power saving features are enabled, so when the system is idle the Процессор clocks down to 2.40GHz and the GPU core clocks down to 500MHz.

Both are technically fanless and rely on the airflow provided by the 3 case fansNexus Real Silent 120mm fans, 2 of which are intake and 1 of which is in the БЛОКИ ПИТАНИЯ. I have used the vent hole in the bottom of the case (An original CoolerMaster Stacker) to make use of natural convection and air circulates from the bottom of the case up past the GPU, Чипсет, Процессор and ram and exits via the БЛОКИ ПИТАНИЯ or various vents near the top of the case.

These fans are already very quiet, and with their current locations they are away from the front of the case which is the part facing the roomthis reduces the noise signature even further. In addition, when the system is under normal use all 3 fans are reduced from 1000rpm to ~400rpm with SpeedFan. Despite the exceptionally low airflow in this low-fan-speed configuration the Процессор is typically ~43C and the GPU ~49C.

The system is Prime95 а также FurMark stable.

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