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टैग लिखने के बाद: 5.25"

1एक के लिए खोज 12 बे 5.25 5.2 पूर्ण टॉवर का मामला

I have an ori­gin­al Cool­er­Mas­ter Stack­er case (एसटीसी-T01-UW) that I use for my serv­er. यह बहुत अच्छा है, क्योंकि यह है 12 5.25″ extern­al drive bays. Strictly speak­ing it has 11 useable के रूप में 1 of them is taken up by the power but­ton and front-usb mod­ule, but this can be mod­i­fied if necesary. This spec­tac­u­lar case is great for fit­ting lots of HDDs for a stor­age array. My sys­tem cur­rently has 10 reg­u­lar size HDDs and 2 SSDs in it which fit eas­ily with plenty of cool­ing. As I want to build a second serv­er to migrate the older drives into I am look­ing for anoth­er case with equally impress­ive capacity…
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