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0मीडिया प्लेयर शास्त्रीय - होम सिनेमा लोगोएमपीसी-कोर्ट के साथ MediaCenter में blurays और डीवीडी का खेल

I’ve long run Windows Media Center on my HTPCs in combination with DVBLink and MediaBrowser. हालांकि, हाल ही में हम अतीत की तुलना में अधिक भौतिक डिस्क देख रहा है, and I have found various issues with Media Center. Usually I have एमपीसी-HC configured as an external player, but doing this for physical disks proved less than simple. Eventually however, I have managed to get it working flawlessly.

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0वीएलसी लोगोवीएलसी साथ blurays बजाना

There have been a couple of interesting articles on Anandtech in the last couple of days. सबसे पहले एक की समीक्षा था सस्ता सीईसी युक्ति by Pulse-Eight which hopefully signals the arrival of more choice for HTPC remote controls. Of greater interest is the news of a “किराये का” for VLC which enables the play-back of commercial (encrypted) blurays. रात वीएलसी के बनाता है जबसे 1.2 include support for BluRay playback. All you need for it to fully function is an AACS keys database, एक त्वरित गूगल एक प्रदान करना चाहिए.